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Chocolat (2000)

Are you craving a sweet film? This film, Chocolat is nicely crafted and confectioned and for your satisfaction... In 1959, an atheist, single mother chocolatier opens a chocolatierie in a repressed French village at the beginning of Lent. 

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He Ran All the Way (1951)

A Date With a Gun... A heist goes wrong, with one of the robbers hiding out at a swimming pool where he meets a young lady. He walks her home and meets her family, then he inadvertently confesses to the crime...

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David and Lisa (1998)

A Touching Teenage Love Story. Two young people meet in an adolescent mental health unit, cared for by a kindly psychologist and strike up a friendship and fall in love.

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About Time (2013)

About That Oft Time Traveller's Wife. An Original Tale about Time Travelling, True Love and the Importance of Family.