With Six You Get Egg Roll (1968)

And Then There Were Six... Doris Day's last movie, a romantic comedy about dating, second marriages and blended family life. 


Nothing Sacred (1937)

Lombard's Little Lie Leads to Love... A reporter aims to redeem himself after it is revealed he held a function with a fake nobleman. He hopes to write a story about a dying woman to regain his credibility. However this lady has just found out she's not dying, but unbeknownst to him keeps up the pretence. However, the pair fall in love.

Starter for 10 (2006)

Rewind to the 80s with the Marvelous Brit Pack... A romantic comedy set in the 1980s with a British cast about love, life and University Challenge.

Gregory’s Girl (1981)

Gormless Gregory Gets a Girl... A charming coming of age Scottish film from Bill Forsyth from the early 1980s about adolescent love, football and girls.