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Announcing the Then and Now (Now and Then) 2017 Blogathon!

Time for another purrfect collaboration with those 2 Reel Quirky Cats at Realweegiemidget Reviews and Thoughts All Sorts and this time it's a blogathon... Come and join our Blogathon remembering those fabulous people and films and TV who entertain us both in both in front of and behind the scenes in the Then and  Now (Now and Then) Blogathon.

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2015 Fantastic Followers!!!

A Big Thanks To Y'all! So it's just a little gitter from this wee reviewer from Scotland and living here in Finland. A huge. huge heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you lovely people for subscribing to my written ramblings on Films, TV Books and other random stuff.

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David and Lisa (1998)

A Touching Teenage Love Story. Two young people meet in an adolescent mental health unit, cared for by a kindly psychologist and strike up a friendship and fall in love.

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Diana (2013), William and Kate (2011) and Wolfe Hall (2014)

Main Features No 27 Di-ing to Like Royal Biopics. 3 recently reviewed made Royal Biopics. The good, the bad and the ugly.