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Building up my suspense for The Lego Batman Movie DVD…


The Batman Movie you’ve been waiting for is coming to you here in Lego vision.


Lego Batman Movie – All Trailers (2017) IGN and photos © Warners Bros Pictures


The awesome Lego Movie (2014), had less product placement and more fun cameos than your average Sandler movie. To be fair it was only one product placement, that of Lego bricks in all shapes and sizes be it Lego building sets or mini-figures.

The characters were voiced by a literally Who’s That Voice of Hollywood such as Chris Pratt as the hero Emmett and Will Ferrell as the bad guy, Lord Business. There was also – as it’s a Lego movie – Lego mini-figures cameos with pop culture references. These cameos which the kids scream in delight at seeing their favourite mini, Lego made superhero be it Wonder Woman or the Green Lantern. Meanwhile, for us adults, it was a priority to know the cast before the movie including the voice actors behind the cameos.

Otherwise – as with all animated films – you spend the whole film trying to trace the voice of some obscure character. Only to find that it is usually not the voice you thought it was anyway. Here this voice belonged to Will Arnett who confused everyone. This with his best Christian Bale impression as Batman, in a delightful wee supporting role but the more awesome character (Sorry, Emmett). He was closely followed by Princess Unikitty (Alison Brie).

I’m going to try not to talk more on The Lego Movie or to rant about the Lego obvious cash in factor involved. If you want to know more then read my Lego Movie review HERE. Or gitter on about the Finnish cinema experience when seeing kids’ films, that can be read there too.  Instead, I’m going to tell you more about all The Lego Batman Movie (2017) trailers because that’s what this particular review is all about.

In the trailers – as I confess to seeing them all being an Arnett as Lego Batman groupie – the incredibly not modest by any means, Batman / Bruce Wayne (Will Arnett) lives alone in the Wayne Mansion. Despite all the lovely trappings of his millionaire lifestyle, he’s got very expensive Lego set models,   Batmobiles for any and every occasion from every Batman film ever. All of which could be built by adults of every age..after buying it for the price of a small country.

It’s unclear if this film is a prequel, sequel or stand-alone film. Even Wikipedia is confused by saying it’s firstly a spin-off but then reading on it says the film is set three years after the Lego Movie. Batman is quite a loner figure who talks with his computer about his day (after she asks).

I stress this is not in a creepy Her (2013) kind of way, as this is a kid’s film. Instead of the credited voice here as Siri, I so could have cast it as played by the voice of Leaf Joaquin Phoenix’s computer in Her, Scarlett Johansson. This is a wee more adult in joke.

Anyway, Batman is cared for by Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), who looks out for him and supports him when misses his family. It transpires that Batman adopted an orphan, Robin (Michael Cera) and therefore his soon to be sidekick. Robin adapts one of Batman’s many outfits to suit him. This is his own rather unique style. Robin appears as we say in Scotland a wee bit glaikit. That is a wee bit naive and stupid.

The trailers show Batman come head to head with his arch-enemy the Joker. On defeating The Joker with the help of Scarlett Siri, Batman tells the Joker that he means nothing to him, with the Joker seeking revenge… The real enemy is revealed as Superman (a great wee in-joke I’m looking forward to seeing more about). This leads to the Joker seeking help from a few sources you may recognise from previously bought mini figure and building sets or even Lego Dimensions (which you will be nagged into buying by your 7-year-old after seeing this movie).

The film has the same writers as the first movie. They must have had the less arduous task of watching every Batman film, TV series or reading every comic book. There’s more than few wee in-jokes, Batmobiles, costumes and DC cameos that only Batman die-hard fans will get. That you will only understand if you’ve watched every Batman film ever. If you haven’t seen any Batman films, you just won’t get any of it. It’s also got some impressive building sets and are every Lego fanatic’s dream. The Lego sets can of course be bought and built by your kid you at home.

However, after one Lego superhero loving stepdude spent his Christmas money on one such playset, it was duly made. Instead of the large impressive Schwarzenegger size seen in the movie and the box, this in comparison is the Danny DeVito set, ie superwee. Just as well size doesn’t matter, but tell me are Lego bricks getting smaller?.. this Lego looked Lilliputian in size.

Looking at the cast, the casting is spot on as ever.. it’s got a list of other familiar mini-figure faces and voices from the Lego Movie (Yay). New faces include Finnes, Cera, Zach Galifianakis and Hector Elizondo which will be worth it for the DVD price alone.

There’s also some in-joke Batman casting with a voice you may also recognise from Dynasty (1981-89) and Star Wars.  There are more pop culture references than Deadpool (2016), but here’s it’s on DC superhero movies, heroes and villains. Wikipedia lists these as including the more fun Superman (1978-87) movies (the Christopher Reeve Superman era) and my favourite Batman film series from the 1980s.

This will be fantastic to see as this was the time that DC was fun. But there are references to the later more depressing DC films too. The latter, however, has some in-jokes. It’s also got other movie adaptions as found in Lego Dimensions.

Just in case you hadn’t guessed, I’m so looking forward to this movie… albeit on DVD, as prefer to watch the English version with my family. As it would cost a small version to see it twice… But now I’m bricking it.. in case despite all these reasons, it’s more dark and brooding, like the more recent DC movies.

But luckily for me, my Darlin’ Husband and stepdudes have seen it. It has been built up tremendously by them – without the use of spoilers – like a great, good fun family movie… But until then I’m building up my Batman and Reeve as Superman knowledge by rewatching those Classic DC movies and checking out that all-important cast list.




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