FILMS… Deadpool 2 (2018)



The Merc with the mouth is back for a second helping…


In a teaser trailer, a much asked question about a Superman movie is answered.


DEADPOOL 2 Official Teaser Trailer (2018) Ryan Reynolds, Stan Lee Marvel Movie HD, JoBlo Movie Trailer and photos © 20th Century Fox


Deadpool (2016) is back! He’s returning in the long waited for sequel Deadpool 2 (2018) – this is the current title on IMDB – which will possibly be changed to something more catchy in the coming year. Or maybe not. Although the film has a working title of Love Machine and this title refers to another Wham! song. This time a song title is taken from their Fantastic album.

Or alternatively, Time Machine may be a reference to Cable, the film’s bad guy (but only if you are more into geeky stuff than the Wham! boys) as Cable is a cyborg.  I’m sure you can guess which version I took Love Machine to be a reference to and which was Darlin Husband.

Cable is to be played by Josh Brolin. Or as I first remembered him, as the big brother from The Goonies (1985) which really dates him and me as his debut film. Also, Josh is James Brolin from that 1980s tv series Hotels son.

Brolin now is remembered as Thanos by Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) fans, such as the superhero loving stepdude (who even knows about Squirrel Girl). For me, Brolin is now Barbra Streisand’s stepson. Other actors considered for Cable included David Harbour, ie the cop from Stranger Things (2016) and Mars Attacks (1996) Pierce Brosnan (or the Irish James Bond).

Deadpool 2′s teaser trailer is whetting my appetite for part of this my favourite of the Marvel franchise. This might change if Thor 3 (2017) is as fun as the trailer and Hemsworth gets a Thor with some humour. But it’s still some time to wait until Deadpool 2‘s release at the cinema, as unfortunately, the film isn’t out till next year.

Sadly with all teaser trailers, nothing is revealed but the bare minimum. We’re not just talking about Mr Reynolds’ bare bottom which also makes a reappearance here. If you want to read more of this particular part, check out my review on the first film HERE

The teaser trailer starts showing a pair of boots and on panning up we find these worn by a man in a hoodie, so it could be anyone. But it’s not, it’s Wade Wilson looking more like Green Arrow (thanks Darlin’ Husband) from behind. He passes a phone box booth (ask your mum) and a cinema.

The former immediately transported me back to Deadpool’s favourite decade, the 1980s. He spots a victim being held up with a gun. As you do. Taking off his headphones he hears men’s raised voices. Immediately our hero, sorry superhero anti-hero decides to do the right thing. And so into the phone booth, he goes Superman (1978-) style. With that familiar retro theme from those seventies Christopher Reeve’s days as Superman.

In the phone box, Wilson changes into his Deadpool alter ego as the theme plays. In its entirety. We see him change in silhouette (but with frosted glass). Of course, it takes longer than planned to change his clothes and even though he’s superfast and has a few hindrances along the way…

So by the time he’s changed to Deadpool, a shot is heard. This scenario was something that never seemed to happen with our seventies Superman but logically should have. As most of us kids thought or said at the time and a plausible reason given by our parents.

As he leaves the phone box, there’s a lovely wee cameo from a famous Marvel name which as always is a nice wee bonus from this regular cameo. As I’m sure most of us, spend our time guessing where he’ll show. Or hoping that he’ll show sooner rather than later, as I did in watching Dr Strange (2016). In this film which I found the most boring of all Marvel films to date, I was so happy to spot him.

After that, it felt like a long wait until the end of the movie. This to see Chris Hemsworth which seemed hours away. Don’t expect a review of this particular Marvel movie… Anyway back to the Deadpool 2 trailer and that’s about it – after all, it is a teaser trailer! But it has a great soundtrack, with a tune that you will remember from another 80s movie, as we get slow-motion Deadpool running to assist the victim…

I spotted a lovely wee nod to Deadpool’s gal, Morena Baccarin. I’m happy to see she returns here too, as I hope to see more of her in her role as Vanessa. I am also hoping T.J. Miller will make a reappearance.

I’m also really hoping that the movie’s soundtrack and Deadpool’s 80s pop culture references will be just as apt and just as funny. As this trailer with its wee mentions of a film with one of Deadpool’s fellow X-Men spotted, and this film playing at the cinema – how Lo-gan Deadpool go this time round in his wee digs at those other Superhero Young Guns.




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