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It would have been eighties or nineties heaven, but nowadays its John Wick meets Joyce Byers…


Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder in a new will they won’t they romantic comedy for those of a certain age.


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As a woman of a certain age, I’ll admit to more than a dislike of those post-2000 by the numbers rom-coms. I prefer the retro ones from the 1970s until the 2000s. These older films feel more realistic, less contrived and in turn more unique and well cast. This, of course, was in those halcyon days of movies that I then watched with my parents. These including movies with Michael Caine, Sally Field, George Segal, Glenda Jackson and Chevy Chase to name a few…

In theory, Destination Wedding (2018) should have been my idea of hell and still to be fair, still could be having not seen the whole film. The film trailer got my attention through my usual source of potentially good stuff to review – my Darlin’ Husband – who recommended I check out the preview for the leads alone. So I did.

Luckily he knows me better than anyone, so he instinctively knew I’d be more than happy with the wonderful “middle-aged” leading stars. The film not pairing Jennifer Aniston with Ben Affleck. Or Aniston even with his partner in crime – but not as Robin – Matt Damon (still echoes of his “appearance” in Team America – World Police (2004) in my head when I write his name).

For me (and possibly you), it was a huge (and welcome) surprise (and relief) to see a kooky, new rom-com pairing for the 2010s. The leads are Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. This pair apparently is the only speaking roles in this will they, won’t they, of course, they will romantic comedy movie.

This pair a dream casting for us 80s and 90s kids, who always wanted more screen time with Reeves with Ryder. This after seeing the pair as a couple in that Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) film and kinda did in A Scanner Darkly (2006) albeit in an animation relationship. This acting talent a big wistful fantasy film romantic pair.

The trailer shows our pair of ill-matched (but probably matched in heaven) couple at the airport due to attend the same wedding. Keanu is Frank who looks and dresses like John Wick (2014) (and not just because the same actor played both characters). It is possible that Keanu Reeves made this film in his days off from the third of the John Wick trilogy.

His character has Wick’s suit with this character’s facial hair (proving it’s his own and not CGIed, looking at you Henry Cavill). But no dog and apparently no gun (or pencil?). The film was made over 10 days, so it just could have been filmed while Ian McShane films his part in the final trilogy.

In Destination Wedding Reeves’ plays Frank, the half-brother to the groom. Frank immediately pissing off Ryder’s character by apparently barging into the queue to the plane at the airport. Winona Ryder plays Lindsay an ex-girlfriend of the groom who like Frank is apparently the only other unhappy guest at this wedding.

She looks just like she did in a film reviewed more recently, this in her all to brief moments in Black Swan (2010). Ryder’s decidedly less dowdy looking than Joyce Byers from that streaming channel’s Season 2 of Stranger Things (2014-). Instead of nice cuddly-looking Sean Astin as her 80s or 90s retro acting bloke, she’s got Keanu Reeves. Nice going girl!

It appears that Frank and Lindsay, a middle-aged and mismatched couple are thrown together at a wedding. Cue instant dislikes for each other and this (inevitably) followed by some bonding. This over their dislike for anything and everything. There is a confrontation with a wild feline creature of some sort, so let’s just hope John Wick Frank has a pencil weapon handy.  The film blurb also suggests there’s inevitable romance.

Personally, I’m hoping Destination Wedding is heralding a series of romcoms for us of the Keanu Reeves – Winona Ryder age or just before that. Especially for those of us who have an allergy to anything with the Friends (1994-2004) cast or that man who will not be mentioned or reviewed here who sadly invaded my streaming channel. Also, those of us who dare I say it… don’t like Outlander (2014) anymore since Frank left.

So let’s call us the Inbetweenies, only because middle-aged sounds so…er old – who want a bit of possible film romance. As Inbetweenies, we can’t emphasise with that generic young pre 30 years old photogenic actors – especially those that can’t act for peanuts –  and we are way too young to watch (and enjoy) the likes of the Marigold Hotel septuagenarians.  Even if they are played by Billy Connolly.

Now after seeing this, the film writers will possibly be wondering just how many of those famous pairings we 80s and 90s kids loved or wanted to see as teens will be reunited on-screen. I’m stressing here in new, wonderful scripts rather than rehashes of much-loved retro movies (or TV).

The idea of Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson double act as parents to a new generation of The Breakfast Club (1985) is simply repellent. Don’t even think about who you would cast in a remake of Highlander, (1986) like the man says there is only one.  Well, two if you include Sean Connery, as the “Spanish Pimpernel”.

But should casting agents reunite Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy? Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? Or even Lea Thompson and Howard the Duck? The mind boggles, but then stranger things have happened. But for now, I’ll be rewatching this particular acting pair that are – as Winona Ryder reported while promoting this film – since that Dracula movie, a marriage made in Hollywood heaven.


Cinema Shame 2018; October

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