FILMS… Mothers Day (2016)


A Word – well two – to Your Mother about Mother’s Day (2016). Don’t go!


What every mother really doesn’t want on Mother’s Day, a film celebrating the day. 


Mother’s Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson Comedy HD, Movieclips Trailers and pictures © Open Road Films


As a stepmother on the trip to see Captain America: Civil War (2016) movie, Darlin’ Husband and I had a bit of time to kill before the film. While at the cinema, we came across the poster for the upcoming cash in Mother’s Day (2016) film.

The poster with the heads of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Jason Sudeikis, (with a beard, not Ricky Gervais, sadly for us and perhaps Sudeikis depending just how bad this film really is) advertising the aptly named Mother’s Day film. I recoiled in horror from the thought of this film having gone off romantic comedies since Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s Bride Wars (2009).

Before seeing the trailer, my husband and I discussed the plot’s possible themes and characters only being right about two things as gleaned from the trailer. That being Aniston plays a single mum and Sudeikis’s character is a widower – because sexy, available men in rom coms films usually are – without the complications of the ex-factor (no pun intended).

This overused plot device is so as the girl the widower meets can bond instantly with their children. Examples of widowers in film include characters played by Jude Law in The Holiday (2006), Liam Neeson in Love Actually (2003) and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle (1993). Thus the new girl holds the widower as they tell their tale of woe about their wife who died, both gazing wistfully at the children as she promises she will never ever leave them. But she does, but usually goes back by the end of the movie after the widower and his kids do some cute gesture or one of them ends up in a hospital… yawn.

Get the picture? This only applies to rom coms as many Leonardo DiCaprio films leave him a widower. Anyway… The director of Mother’s Day is Pretty Woman‘s Garry Marshall but it was written by four authors. The film trailer looks in a word contrived and tells of four women on Mothers Day and their relationship with their mothers. Just what we so want to see on Mother’s Day…

Aniston’s character Sandy has two boys, Bradley (Sudeikis) has a 16-year-old girl and another daughter not shown in the trailer… My bet is this will lead to a possible romance with the contrived Sandy and Bradley and a Brady Bunch type ending. Bradley gets the predictable tampon “joke” buying, whilst shopping scenario. Oh, how I… yawned.

I’m sure they will bond with each other kids as they are the same gender – bigger yawn – in the I can understand your daughter/ son scenarios… zzzzzzzzzzzzz. And Jennifer will kindly help him out by buying tampons and other girly stuff. More male-orientated uncomfortable moments for Sandy with her sons being bad cop – with hubby with the younger wife being the good cop.

Julia Roberts – who is the only one of these actresses I can tolerate for more than 30 minutes – is Miranda, a career woman who once gave up her only child Kristin. Daughter Kristin – on the verge of her wedding – has told Kate Hudson’s Jesse she’s adopted. Ah, I do hope this isn’t the other daughter! Oh, I hope not as if it is as Yoda would say “contrived this is” before drowning himself in the swamp.

Jesse is surprised by her mother visiting on the day itself, methinks they come to blows then mutual understanding bonding crap. I’m sure all will end with a lovely wedding along with a cure for your husband’s and your insomnia. And a mother-daughter reconciliation. But hopefully not hints of a sequel…

Even after seeing just the trailer, I for one would not want to see this particular group on Mother’s Day or any other day of the year. Mother’s Day does not need films about this day reminding you that your ex has a new wife, you are a single mum or dad who can’t understand your children, you may have given up a child or that your mother may surprise you with a visit…

I’d prefer the film alternative my Darlin’ Husband suggested. This is the Father’s Day cash in which would be called Father’s Day and involve Liam Neeson – keeping his Irish accent – in a revenge type killing. In addition, to this with the equally sexily accented Christoph Waltz as bad guy, Jon Hamm as a police detective and Sam Heughan just because he’s Sam Heughan.

Now that’s a (step)mother’s day treat worth waiting for…so if you for some stupid reason take your mother to see this Mother’s Day movie if it’s a case of oh mother where art thou? She’ll be in the queue for the aforementioned Father’s Day flick.




7 thoughts on “FILMS… Mothers Day (2016)

  1. My roommate and I were planning and looking forward to watching this movie and your review has just put my sceptical mind to rest. My room mate will be so upset to see I have changed my mind.

  2. I have never heard of this movie but it doesn’t sound very captivating to me. I could be wrong of course but I would choose something else as well. 🙂

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