FILMS… Thor 3: Ragnarok (2017)



That Lovely Golden Haired God is Back and Thor is too…


The third instalment for Thor starring with an actor possibly in the wrong film, but a trailer with some great comic moments.


Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD], Marvel Entertainment with photos © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


Those of you who know me will know of my major soft spot Chris Hemsworth aka the best looking Hemsworth brother. As Thor (2011), Rush (2013) and the man who stole the show in the Vacation (2015) movie. Here he’s back as Thor for his third solo movie.

I sadly missed his last appearance, this was in an after credits scene. This as I avoided Dr Strange (2016) due to an aversion to both Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton. If I’d known, it would have been a tough choice of watching the whole movie just for a wee glimpse of the Norse one. Or stay at home and watch him in Rush again.

It’s nothing personal against Swinton and Cumberbatch, just some film actors freak me out. Just as I’m sure I freak out some actors as I appear on their Twitter feed or in person (Did I tell you I saw 3 TV Dallas stars live? I also once met Justin Lee Collins (but that’s another sad confession story. But not at the same time).

Anyway, moving on swiftly, this trailer review is for Thor 3: Ragnarok (2017).  So what does the trailer tell us? In my amateur knowledge of superheroes, this review was written with a wee bit of help from Darlin Husband on the Thor locations.

We firstly see long-haired Thor in chains over a fiery lake of lava. The Viking God narrating to us in Chris Hemsworth’s lovely voice. Sigh. Many a woman will justify is much sexier than.. let’s say certain English accented actors who sound like they have a pole stuck up their…  and I’m not talking Alan Rickman.

We then see Cate Blanchett as Hela, as she catches Thor’s hammer. She is wearing some scary antler type headpiece. This evil woman smashes the hammer in her hand, as evil ones do. Then she says “Asgard is dead”. This said with eerie undertones and implying it’s not just as there is nowt to do on a Saturday night in Thor’s hometown.  Cue more fiery scenes without and with Thor.

Reliable superhero fans then report Thor is taken to Sakaar (a place I wouldn’t know even if a local bus went through it). There he dragged to a chair by some scary dudes and sat down. That scene appears the last we see of his hair, as later a bloody awful mum cut haircut is revealed.

A woman in armour named Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) says she has brought our Thor as a contender for one of their Gladiator battles. This is followed by the biggest surprise of this trailer, and a welcome one too.

Jeff Goldblum appears in the wrong movie. Possibly. Looking more like a bad guy from a future Guardians of the Galaxy movie and as flamboyant as ever. Goldblum is the Grand Master ruler of Sakaar AND he’s got a scary haircut too. So maybe it’s compulsory that all men over a certain age are dragged and bound before being stuck in the hairdressers. As that’s the only way a scary haircut can be given. But then it beats a mum cut. Kind of.

Back to the plot and there’s Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in slow motion for those of you who like Loki is slow motion. He’s almost like an advert for a certain shampoo brand with his long hair flowing behind him. We see some familiar and unknown faces unless you have a degree in Superheroes. Which I don’t.

Then it’s Thor does Gladiator (2000), and very handsome he is too in his very snazzy outfit and helmet. He spots his opponent as the green angry Avenger one known as the Hulk. He cheers. The audience is shocked into silence. Then cheer. The Grand Master is also silent on his really long sofa with Loki perched on the end. Thor quips “I know him from work”… cue either a high 5 scene or Thor in severe pain in the following scene…

I’m so looking forward to this Thor movie, as it looks like a fun outing for the Norse one. The Thor line at the end of the movie has made me optimistic that the Marvel powers that be have finally written a humorous movie using Hemsworth’s wonderful comic skills and timing to their advantage.

These combined with Jeff Goldblum as a slightly zany looking dude makes it so much more appealing than D.C.’s more dour looking Justice League (2017). They are not sad because l Superman appears to be dead, but surely they could have smiled a wee bit. After all Gal Gadot did kind of make a decent Wonder Woman film. But the less I say and think about Affleck the better. Who are the other dudes? Do they matter? OK rant over.  Well nearly.

Also, the Justice League (2017) like the Suicide Squad (2016) has so many different superdudes (and that’s not counting the possible return of Superman and possible cameos) which means we’ll get too little airing time for the newer dudes and more Ben Affleck time or vice versa.

This mistake should have been left with the Captain America Civil War (2016) which had practically all the Marvel super dudes. Bar Hulk, Thor and Deadpool. It meant all too brief moments with Ant-Man and The Guy with the Bow and Arrows Hawkeye (thanks to a superhero loving stepdude for telling me his name).

Far too much attention was paid in this film on whether Vision would snog Purple Witch.  This plotline may have been included as a wee treat for us incurable romantics dragged along to another Marvel movie. But Deadpool did it much better with fun montages and this antihero had way more obvious chemistry with his gal.

Final thoughts on this trailer, well anything with Thor usually gets my vote, and Loki is back too. So I’m hoping for a battle of wit between the brothers. This was sadly missed in the previous Thor movies where Loki got all the one-liners. I’m sure Hemsworth thought of a few retorts – he seems an amusing kinda guy – but was restrained by the script.

I hope we don’t have to wait too long for Thor’s next appearance in a Marvel movie, and that his haircut grows out quickly. At least that’s what Loki might be thinking, now out of slow motion as he sits on that very long sofa. He looks nervous looking and afraid – as we are – he’ll be a Lockless luckless Loki.




3 thoughts on “FILMS… Thor 3: Ragnarok (2017)

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha…what an awesome post. Can’t wait to watch it purely because of your wonderful writing. Now I can say (for a change)…I sense a little, sorry, huge crush here…hmmmm…. 😉
    PS: You are not alone re “as I avoided Dr Strange (2016) due to an aversion to Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton”…I avoid anything with these two…full stop. No exceptions.

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