FILMS… The Fate of The Furious (2017)


We Are Family. All My Buddies and Me…


Our fave band of dudes is back, with one guy gone rogue and it’s not Jason Statham!


Fast & Furious 8 – Official Trailer 2 (Universal Pictures) HD – YouTube,

So with a new fun addition to this hopefully never-ending franchise, Vin Diesel and his merry band of dudes are back for part 8, The Fate of The Furious (2017). And Jason Statham is back too which means that this one time guilty pleasure of a movie – see Fast and Furious 7 (2015) – will possibly be added to the Main Features review pile in due course. So the trailer shows what this film series is famous for cars, dudes, gals in hot pants and some character gone rogue. Add to that you’ve Charlize Theron as a bad gal called Cipher with a scary haircut, with an evil plan and a hold against Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and you’ve got a movie. With a tank (just because it’s a F&F movie).

So what else have we to look forward to. First there’s more than some of your F&F favourite clichés. From the trailer’s first scene – in no particular order – we’ve a car chase – check, lots of cars falling from impossibly tall buildings – check. Explosions – check. Arial shots – check. (Mental note to purchase travel anti-sickness medication).  Toretto gone rogue leading to passionate speech about Family – and not implying just her, but the whole extended F&F clan –  from wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) – check. Reason for Turetto gone rogue, doing it for all the right reasons though “family” don’t know it – check. Somebody, Kurt Russell as Nobody – check. Glamorous location shots – with pertinent props if needed eg Big Ben –  of London and Cuba  – check. And last but by no means least The Rock –  check.

OK, more stuff to really look forward to. The Stat is back as Deckard (emphasis on ‘ard) and is paired up with The Rock (emphasis on The) as er…consults imdb.. as Luke Hobbs and the rest of the crew. But as Darlin’ Husband points out he’s The Rock and no-one sees him as anything else but The Rock. Which is true, Luke The Rock could change his character’s first name to “Calvin and” half way through with a scene on him signing for this new name start during the movie and we wouldn’t care. In fact we wouldn’t even think of him as Calvin and Hobbs. Be honest just how many of The Rock’s characters can you name without consulting the Internet. I rest my case. As Deck’ard can only be The Stat.

As I assume the baldy boys bromance will start to play out this episode onwards. Not to unsimilar to the buddy rom-com movie, it looks like its going to be hate (cue slow mo fights), grudging like / mutual respect, fall out (over possible use of ammo in inappropriate way jeopardising lesser “family member”), rebond over mother’s first name (won’t be Martha but at least one will be played by Helen Mirren, possibly),  buddies we are family moment (cue high 5/ passionate speech by The Rock) and a you’re one of us (cue another high 5/ passionate speech by The Rock, but hopefully minus burst into Pointer Sisters’ song). Credits roll.

Add to that in part 9, The Stat will have gone rogue (but not really) and The Rock/ Toretto bring back the Stat to family fold after impassioned speech by Rodriguez. Part 10, possible kill off of The Stat character saving The Rock and that’s Part 9 and 10 sorted. In an almost twist of fate, similar origin stories have been seen with Paul Walker’s cop Brian and The Rock himself in previous F&F movies to induct them to the F&F family. And hopefully a few The shirtless Stat moments for the gals, as per The Stat of days of yor. As guys, you got your gal in bikini top and very small hot pants starting street race. Again. And the Karen Gillan promotional shot for Jumanji (another The Rock Reel out in 2017).

There is also a tank (pointed out by one of the dudes, just in case you miss it) and the Rock blowing up possible bad guys by hurling torpedoes at them – with one hand, barehanded (as only The Rock does) – to keep up the testosterone in all hot-blooded viewers.  And a submarine. Because this was written by a band of 9-year-old boys. Meanwhile the Stat continues to be a welcome addition to the franchise. Be it his Willy Wonka type acrobatic scenes – see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) – to his one liners. As it appears from the trailer that the Stat is the only person ever to get away with saying to the Rock “You know I think that tight T-shirts cutting off the circulation to your body. You should get a bigger size.” Unless of course The Rock beats the shit out of him in the next unseen scene. So with The Stat, The Rock and The Groot onboard this does look like its going to be a fun fuelled ride with the Battle of the Baldies part 2.


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