TV… Outlander Season 3 (2017)


The Saga of the Sassenach and the Scot continues in Outlander Season 3…


So telling the story of when Claire returned to Frank right at the start of Season 2, and she had her and Jamie’s baby.


Outlander | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ, STARZ and photos © Sony Television


So the Droughtlander feeling will now have been wetted for the fans of the romance between the Scot and his English lassie in Outlander, Season 3 (2017). As for those ex-pats partial to a seeing wee bit of Scotland (and not just meaning Sam Heughan), it’s back to Scottyland for at least some of the scenic shots (Yay).

Apologies for only finding the trailer after the first episode of the season 3 premiere. I’ve been distracted with catching up with that final series of Mad Men (2007-15). With the lovely Jon Hamm and the wit of Roger Sterling, delivered impeccably and sadly for the last time by the then moustached silver fox, John Slattery.

Also, the fourth series of The Americans (2013-) has got my attention. No spoilers, please. Both leads are believable as a married pair of Russian Spies masquerading as Americans in the Cold War. This not just because they are a couple in real life too, who possibly terrify their real-life neighbours. Or at least get them a wee bit paranoid, especially if the neighbours work for the CIA.

Back in Outlander land, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is visited in the hospital…skreeeeech.. is this the Season 2 or 3 trailer? Frank (Tobias Menzies) enters with a baby – assuring us its Season 3 – and congratulating her on a baby girl. So as definitely not seen this scene before… so moving on Claire kisses Frank tenderly, as he promises all will be ok (again). This means it probably won’t for Frank sadly (again). Therefore Claire pisses me off (again) without even trying within seconds of the trailer starting.

Cue shots of Claire on her own and also with Frank. So after sitting through most of Season 2 we are back to what happened before she got flashbacks of Jamie and life in France in Outlander Season 2 Episode 1 and got off the plane in Boston. With flashbacks of all of Season 2. This means I should could have missed this series.

I still have a strong allegiance to Team Frank. It’s not his fault his relative was Black Jack Randall, rapist and occasional flogger as Season 1 told us. But tbh I’ll be happy if Frank doesn’t hook up with Claire, despite the happy family shots of said “parents” and the red-headed obviously not Frank’s wee girl.

I would be happier if Frank runs off with a youngish Lauren Bacall or equivalent American gal to Little Rock Arkansas. Claire is obviously still pining for the Tartan totty. A matter which Frank is equally pissed off with and asks.. no pleads with Claire to let go and move on. This annoys Claire so much she starts smoking and he’s banished to the sofa to sleep. Although a clock keeps him awake…

Then we are transported back to Scotland where Jamie (Sam Heughan) announces “I’m here” as if he’s simply been playing hide and seek for a few years. Just so he could avoid Culloden. His sister then calling in the Redcoats to find him. He’s arrested by the Redcoats (again), yawn. Then we see him in shackles and moaning about his lost lovely Sassenach wifey to a Redcoat.

Then we’re back to the future in the 1960s (?) where darling daughter Brianna assists mummy – with help from her beardy weirdy love interest – to find out if Jamie survived… Jamie has of course so the nation sighs with relief. But sting 1, it appears Jamie has a new lassie. And thus appears the photogenic winner of the “Appear with Sam Heughan in Outlander” contest, examining his half-naked torso. As we I you do.

Then here’s sting no 2, Claire appears to have been back in the future for 20 years. Then her voice over dithers about going back for oh what seems like seconds but will probably mean a full episode with flashbacks to explain the full plot to the newbies. Then Claire does go back (with her modern-day cigarettes or would that alter life in post-Culloden Scotland?). She enters a wee olde shoppe in ye Olde Scotland. Then all goes black.. and we are seeing Starz (the logo not literally).

I assume she possibly met the kindly shopkeeper there Mr Benn (2015) style and with a wee change in costume involved. This as she left the changing room and was transported back to Jamie time and space, and is reunited with the Tartan wearing one. Cue their big soppy reunion. All is right for the world as she and we know it. Until the shopkeeper appears…




6 thoughts on “TV… Outlander Season 3 (2017)

  1. I can’t wait for this! My soul is ready so bring it on! I can’t wait for Claire and Jamie to reunite. I’m looking forward to seeing Claire and Frank’s life together in America too. It all looks awesome.

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  2. Hey, Gill. Hope all is well with you. My computer broke and has been away for repairs, it has been a nightmare and I only got it back today. Not been able to use another computer to check in here. I’ve seen your message and have altered your choice.

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