TV… Outlander Season 2 (2016)


The Tartan Tottie’s Back…


The World’s most romantic couple, Jamie and Claire are back in the Outlander Series 2 (2014) trailer. And are going to stop Culloden. Claire’s determined to rewrite history…


Photographs © Sony Pictures Television and Outlander | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ, Starz


So as you know in this section, I’ll be discussing trailers, I feel should really review this trailer for the new series of Outlander (2014-).  Over the weekend a staggering 176 of you read my Outlander review on the first series of this TV phenomenon alone, and you can CLICK HERE for recap of series 1.  It’s just over 10 days til Outlander returns for some of you (but probably not in Finland for a while as Finnish subtitles to be made etc) so by now many of you will be feverishly shouting Jamie in your sleep in anticipation of what’s next for the kilted wonder and his lassie. I haven’t read the books, so this review only covers what this trailer above tells us,  please don’t add any spoilers, as I am sure not the only one.

So the Frasers are returning, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), the world’s most loved up TV couple since Mr and Mrs Jonathan Hart from Hart to Hart (1979-) in the 80s and still as loved up. Loved up, pregnant Claire has confirmed that she was alive from 1918 onwards to Jamie’s dad godfather and right hand man, who for the benefit of the masses has written all the years down on paper to check it out it with her. And she confirms this with him agreeing she knows when “things will happen” and how they will turn out. Thus recapping to regulars and aiding the ignorant – who were still in caves during the first series and only switched on when Jamie took off his shirt or Claire showed her boobs – she is a time traveller with a great knowledge of Scottish history especially Culloden, which is useful for all concerned. So we are darned lucky it wasn’t someone not so clued up on this period that shacked up with our Jamie then…

Jamie says with Culloden happening he’s going to make sure she’s OK (wee lamb), but surely Claire will know the best places to go, unless she has to nip into the future to consult a few history books. But with Jamie by her side, she is all set to help her rewrite history, and stop Culloden. The wee poppet, Jamie always wants to be with Claire…tip watch Somewhere in Time (1980) Claire if you for any reason go too far forward in time on what works or doesn’t when it comes to time travel. There are lots of scenes where Jamie is taking his shirt off or has his shirt off a lot, in much of this trailer for the benefit of us girlies, and yes I am slowly seeing Mr Heughan as cute but he’s not as cute as DiCaprio yet. So will have to watch The Great Gatsby (2013) again just to confirm. Hard job but someone’s gotta do it. Then the final bombshell, we see Frank (Tobias Menzies) – Claire’s other husband – back in the future and so is Claire…WTF, if this is all a dream I want my time back.. Now where’s the darn stones.

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