Talking All Trailers S to Z


My take on random film previews / trailers titles S – Z…


On these pages you will find the great, OK and the pretty dire previews / trailers of the big screen for titles between S and Z.


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TV…Special Correspondents (2016)

The News from Abroad.. or is it?

If you always thought about a radio career reporting the news from a war torn country, Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana show you how not to…

FILMS… The Time Of Their Lives (2017)

The Fabulous Collins Girls…

Helen Shelley, a Hollywood actress escapes from the retirement home she’s stuck in for a road trip to her ex partners funeral in the South of France accompanied by unhappily married best friend, Priscilla.

FILMS… Thor 3 : Ragnarok (2017)

That Lovely Golden Haired God is Back and Thor is too…

A third instalment for Thor, with an actor possibly in the wrong film, but a trailer with some great comic moments.