FILMS… Juliet, Naked (2018)


He is the Music Man (in a film that you’d not find on the top shelf)…


A British-American Romantic Comedy, highlighting just why you should write how you feel. Naturally.


JULIET NAKED Official Trailer (2018) Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne Comedy Movie HD, ONE Media

Remember that movie you hated? Just possibly so did the star so much so they might write to you personally with a shared disgust. Then fall madly in love with you. This the premise of Juliet, Naked (2018), a new cinema release. I half read the Nick Hornby book of this film adaptation with the racy title last year. Written by the man who brought you then books which were then adapted to film in About a Boy (2002) and High Fidelity (2000). This story Juliet, Naked telling how Annie meets the apparently disillusioned, singer song writer of her live in boyfriend’s dreams doing just that.

The film tells of Annie (Rose Byrne) whose boyfriend Duncan (Chris O’Dowd) is totally obsessed with the singer and song writer Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). To illustrate this Duncan has one wall at their home dedicated to Crowe with cuttings and posters. As you do, but only if you are a cop and you then join all these pictures together with red string to indicate the trail to find a serial killer. Or you are 14 years old and in love with a drummer / pop star / film idol (delete as applicable).

Fate intervenes as Crowe’s acoustic demo track falls literally on their door step. Annie adds a scathing review of the music to Duncan’s website – and homage – on Crowe. Leading to her receiving an email from the music man himself where he agrees with her appraisal. After Annie and Crowe share more correspondence, it leads to an unexpected encounter between them. And then romance.. after she splits with Duncan. Which is possibly many a blogger’s deep down wish after their review where they disliked a, b or c with favourite acting talent. And before you ask I really have no designs on Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth, after my vents on The Notebook (2004) and Vacation (2015) movies.

How does the trailer look? Admittedly, I was nervous about putting the film title into the search engine, just in case I literally got a naked Juliet or a whole army of them. Adding the comma and release year. These added in case my computer screen suddenly asked me to confirm my age and I got my Date Of Birth in the wrong order in a panic. And the computer allowing me no access to anything ever again, leaving me to review children’s movies til the end of time.

The film looks terribly nice and British, one I could probably watch with my mother. Byrne as our heroine looks, dresses and sounds terribly English –  in a convincing way – so admittedly I’m relieved that the powers that be didn’t make her American. O’Dowd, also appears perfect casting as he does seem how I imagined Duncan to be in a movie life. And Ethan Hawke, like a grizzly bearded Josh Brolin and showing he can fit in perfectly in a British rom-com. All showing a good credible comic rapport in their scenes together.

Chances are, it won’t make it to the big screen here in Finland. So by default I’ll have to watch it on TV via DVD. And so I’ll miss all those red-faced folks asking for a couple of tickets to see Juliet Naked… and trying to convince all it is a rom-com. Including their mother…



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