2010s, Biopic, Drama, Main Features, TV Series

The Crown (2016), Series 1

Main Features No 69 Look Who's Getting the Royal Treatment. Foy dons a crown again as Elizabeth II, with Who as Prince Philip...

2010s, Action, Biopic, Comedy, Film Review, Main Features

The Walk (2015)

Main Features No 61 A High Ambition for a Little Walk. The true biopic about Philippe Petit, a highwire artist who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974.

2010s, Biopic, Blogathon, Crime, Drama, Film Review, Main Features, Pop Star

Legend (2015)

Main Features No 54 Twin Gangster Roles for a Hardy Actor. The true biopic of the life, loves and criminal career of the Kray Twins both played by Tom Hardy.

2010s, Biopic, Blogathon, Drama, Main Features, Romance, TV Movie, TV Series

Diana (2013), William and Kate (2011) and Wolfe Hall (2014)

Main Features No 27 Di-ing to Like Royal Biopics. 3 recently reviewed made Royal Biopics. The good, the bad and the ugly.

1960s, Biopic, Blogathon, Drama, Film Review, Main Features, Musical, Romance

The Sound of Music (1965)

Main Features No 25 Nuns, Nazis and a Naval Captain. The musical about the singing nun who enchanted the Captain Von Trapp and his seven children...