How I rate entertainment in my reviews…


Everything you need to know about Hulks, Handsqueezers, Weepers and Eye Candies.




These ratings are explained here, where the lower the rating from 10 the less I held Darlin Husband’s hand tightly during tense moments / cried at something / got annoyed with the plot or characters. And if I – or Darlin Husband – discover some eye candy (please note this is purely subjective)…



A Smiley represents a handsqueeze moment usually when the plot is getting really tense and you may need to grab your cinema partner’s hand – even if you don’t know them that well – because it’s getting too much and you can’t stand the tension anymore.. eg Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible film series (1996-) orThe Martian (2015).



Frownie (is that a word ?)  is a weeper moment when even the most cynical viewer will find themselves gulping back the tears or reaching for a hankie to sob into. When it comes to romance, for me it doesn’t (always) occur in relation to more predictable bodice rippers or romantic comedies. It’s more likely just when there is unexpected romance such as in most other superhero movies or non-predictable romance such as in Love & Mercy (2014).

It can also occur when I totally lose myself in a film and I really feel for the character when they are going through a sad time or someone is near death that I care about. (Don’t get me started on contrived deaths that’s a whole different debate). Without giving the plot away, weepers in this vein include Interstellar (2014) and Moulin Rouge (2011).



A Hulk moment is usually you if you are the quiet, unassuming Bruce Banner type who will feel like turning into the Hulk if there is an irritating character eg 2015s Jurassic World’s female lead, Claire, or an evil character eg Eugene Landy (Paul Giamatti) in Love & Mercy (2014) or very annoying character eg Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3 (2013). That is a character who will make you feel so angry that you turn green and into the Hulk.


Eye Candy

Eye Candy was suggested as a new category by someone who will remain nameless. This as the name suggests as they suggested is to indicate if there is some totty or a good looking cast member – of the purely subjective kind – seen in this movie or TV show, episode or movie.

Before those who know me groan in dismay knowing my dubious objects of affection in the past, I will ask a few independent friends and family for their thoughts on this before adding my final score. Eye candy of course can be the obviously me and those of us who loved the later Leonardo Di Caprio career (when he was less waif like) and those girlies much loved, such as Scarlett Johansson.

Please note Eye Candy was added as a rating on 12 / 12 / 2021 and may be added sporadically before this as I collect more views. I won’t add this to every post only randomly, so check out this entertainment for yourself as your idea of eye candy is probably different to ours…




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