FILMS… Interstellar (2014)


Mann. He’s whatshisname!


A widower astronaut hopes to save the world’s future.


“Interstellar” trailer, Official Warner Bros Uk and photographs by Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros.


You know it’s time for a weeper when you tell your stepdudes to stop killing creepers in Minecraft because you think creepers are cute. It’s reinforced when you are watching the Simpsons with the family when they find it hysterically funny when you sniffle when Marge and Homer Simpson parody the romantic ending of the 1980’s Richard Gere and Debra Winger film An Officer and a Gentleman (1982). Immediately on hearing Up Where We Belong the Officer and a Gentleman‘s love theme, I suddenly find I have regressed to the incurable romantic I used to be.

I confess I used to sob at films such as Pretty in Pink (1986) and Somewhere in Time (1980), I even sobbed at the original Dallas (1978). In my defence I was 11 or 12 and had a bit of a crush on Larry Hagman, So I cried when J.R. Ewing got shot, he and his wife, Sue Ellen divorced and when Sue Ellen left him for Don Lockwood (Ian McShane). I then actively disliked McShane and in adolescent protest never watched him in Lovejoy again.

I only forgave him recently for his role in Cuban Fury (2014) as a salsa teacher and master. I so wanted to see him dance in some kind of Dirty Dancing type montage with his padawan played Nick Frost. But sadly he didn’t. Excuse the Star Wars references but trying to get in the zone before the new Star Wars film.

Luckily for my darlin’ husband, after an overdose of romantic comedies,  I turned into the cynical romantic I am today who would rather gouge her eyes out with a stick with no anaesthetic than watch a film written by Nicholas Sparks.

This next review encompasses many weeper, hulk and handsqueeze moments rolled into a film directed by Christopher Nolan. It also has a healthy dollop of all-time great and impressionist’s favourite Cockney, Michael Caine. This film description should not be confused with another Nolan directed film starting with I that also covers weeper, hulk and handsqueeze moments and also stars Caine.

However, girls, the latter film, and has the added bonus of the post Titanic, beefed up and therefore much sexier Leonardo DiCaprio. Sorry girls, but in this review, I will be reviewing Interstellar (2014) not Inception (2010). But tune in soon girls…next film review will be The Great Gatsby.

I was half watching Interstellar yesterday as my mother in law is visiting and she hadn’t seen it before. Darlin’ Husband and I had seen it in 3D at the cinema and initially, it struck me was how little everything looked on our 48-inch flat-screen. I should have listened to the advice given by Jay and Mike, the Red Letter Media dudes when they advised us to not watch blockbusters such as Transformers on a very small screen.

Interstellar – or as its leading man Matthew McConaughey would call it Interstella in his famous Texan drawl – is a science fiction film also starring Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine and John Lithgow. The film tells how a crop blight is threatening humanity making life impossible for the widowed with two kids, ex-astronaut now farmer Joe Cooper (McConaughey).

Cooper has a son Tom, a daughter, Murphy. Murphy is complaining of a poltergeist haunting her room which she claims is trying to talk with her. Cooper realises that the poltergeist is communicating using a dust pattern to communicate co-ordinates to him. He heads to where the co-ordinates meet, and after finding his stowaway daughter the pair find a secret space station.

This space station is run by his old teacher, Dr Brand (Caine). Brand has investigated a wormhole that may lead to other planets which may be safe to live on. He asks Cooper to don his astronaut once more to investigate these and asks him to take his astronaut daughter Amelia (Hathaway) with him.  So off Cooper goes with daughter in tow leaving Murphy angry. She claims she and her ghost are asking him to stay.

Cooper and Amelia explore a number of planets and Cooper becomes increasingly sad and depressed. he feels he will not keep his last promise to Murphy that he would return.. .cue lots of hulk, handsqueezer and weeper moments… (btw newcomers see my site info pages for a full description of these categories)

Firstly, I must apologise profusely to McConaughey for saying he was a himbo and he sounded like Deputy Dawg, after I watched Failure to Launch (2006) with my sister. Since seeing ED tv (1999) and Dallas Buyer’s Club (2013), you have gone up in my estimations so I forgive you for all those really bad romantic comedies.

Caine as Dr Brand, 30 years later still looked like the Brand at the beginning of the film. He could have sold his eternal youth secrets instead of his career in astrophysics. John Lithgow in a word was underused.

I feel Brand’s daughter as a character Amelia Bland Brand was really, really irritating. Is it just me or is it the combination of the character Amelia and Anne Hathaway that make you want to throw a cushion – or something harder – at the screen? She was responsible for many a hulk moment. Admittedly, I have never been a big fan of this actress since Bride Wars (2009).

This was the last romantic comedy I ever saw at the cinema and the first sleeper, as I fell asleep when watching it. I then watched – and stayed awake at  – the Batman film, the Dark Knight Rises (2012). This is the one where Chris Nolan’s casting agent got the leading lady wrong. I felt Marion Cotillard purred her way through the wrong role as Miranda and should have replaced Hathaway as Selina aka Catwoman.

Hathaway acted as awkward as Leonardo DiCaprio must feel the Post Oscars parties. The lesser – but not doomed for Syfy movies (yet) – Casey Affleck plays the role of her brother. Ironically, Affleck played the lesser sibling as his character as Cooper’s son, Tom only appeared a couple of times. Finally, Jessica Chastain plays the older Murphy Cooper. This is kinda ironic if you spot the cameo and then recall the plot of his or her’s more recent sci-fi film…

Weeper Rating:  😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦  /10

Handsqueeze Rating:  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 /10

Hulk Rating:mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen/10


The Now and Then 2017 (Then and Now Blogathon)

This post was entered into my Now and Then blogathon with Thoughts All Sorts. Other reviews with this cast include MacKenzie Foy in 5 Child Actors. Michael Caine in  Surrender, The Swarm and many, many more. Anne Hathaway starred in The Princess Diaries and John Lithgow in The Crown and Terms of Endearment.

21 thoughts on “FILMS… Interstellar (2014)

  1. I’ve been browsing some of your film reviews and they’re very enjoyable. You have a unique style!
    I totally agree with you about Anne’s performance in Interstellar, it didn’t move me at all. She had this big speech about love but it felt rather flat to me, instead of inspiring/moving. So yeah, I didn’t really care that Cooper went all the way back to space to be with her! But the two actresses playing the role of Murphy were good, and I’ve always been fond of Chastain.

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