FILMS… Great Garry Marshall Gems


Reliving the great movies of Garry Marshall…


Garry Marshall was an actor, director, producer and writer who sadly passed away last week. Here’s some of the movies I remembered him for as a director.


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OK,  as you may know I am not a fan of romantic comedy especially of the contrived boy meets girl movie kind. But I was sad to hear that Garry Marshall had passed away. For me, he was the director of some of the films I saw as a hopeless romantic way back before I met darlin’ husband and then believed in fairytale endings. Here’s 5, of the movies he directed that I loved then and now will indulge in if in the need for some romance from the multi talented Garry Marshall who in 1964, even was credited as acting as a hoodlum in the Bond film, Goldfinger and having an appearance in Soapdish (1991).


The Princess Diaries (2001)

The Princess Diaries – Trailer,DisneyMoviesOnDemand,

Before her character really, really annoyed me in Interstellar (2014) Anne Hathaway was the then young star of this movie, her debut. Tells of a dowdy unpopular school girl, Mia who inherits the throne of Genovia much to her surprise. The Dowager Queen Clarisse tells her the truth about her parentage and she is shipped off to Genovia to learn how to be a princess before you can say “What’s going on?”.

Clarisse is played delightfully by Julie Andrews, and you may be like me in that you will expect her to sing on more than a few occasions. As we know Andrews is of course more famous as the singing nun for in The Sound of Music (1965) film. Of course Mia then becomes wildly popular at school, learns the true value of love and friendship and then the film makes way for the rom com sequel. Which tbh, was as unneeded and unnecessary as the rom com sequel that followed the excellent Kick-Ass (2010). But hey ho, Andrews still doesn’t sing, so avoid it for that reason alone.


Beaches (1988)

BEACHES (1988) – Official Trailer, xirstom1,

Marshall directed this classic weepie of the 1980s with Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler in this ultimate girl’s night in movie – also chocolate, tissues and Outlander box set compulsory. OK, as well as a weepie, a showcase for Midler, then an 80s movie must have, singing her way through this soundtrack. Midler stars as singer C C Bloom receiving a note from her old friend, then travelling to see her and flashbacks to their friendship over the years. She tells of how the two wee girls met on holiday and reflects their stories of their loves, career, friendship, fallings out and this all leads to the weepie bit which you will need handsqueezed for so make sure you have a good friend handy. Also starred John Heard (Kevin’s dad in Home Alone (1990)) and the lovely James Read from North and South (1985) as romantic interests and eye candy if like me you were a hopeless singleton when watching it.


Overboard (1987)

Overboard Official Trailer #1 – Goldi Hawn, Kurt Russel Movie (1987) HD, Movieclips Trailer Vault,


This romantic comedy starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn is a definite weeper. This was one of the few films I’d seen Russell in before meeting darlin’ husband and so was introduced to the fantastic Escape from New York (1981) (but more of that another day) recently. Overboard tells of a rich heiress Joanna (Hawn), who both criticises his work and then doesn’t pay handyman Dean (Russell) after he’s carried out some work for her. She then falls overboard from her yacht and loses her memory so he pretends she’s his wife and mother to his four boys. Of course she settles into “relearning” her role in the household as his wife and mother. Gets complicated when the couple fall in love.. then she gets her memory back. Hawn and Russell have an undeniable chemistry onscreen, and at the time they were also a couple off-screen too.


Runaway Bride (1999)

Runaway Bride – Trailer, Paramount Movies,

Reuniting Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, his Pretty Woman (1990) co-stars was probably a good idea, due to their chemistry and appeal as the romantic ideal screen couple. And yes, I did sob at this one. And yes, it is contrived from the outset. And only excuse is my age at seeing this.  In Runaway Bride, Roberts stars as Maggie who has this nickname after jilting 3 men at the altar. So a New York reporter –  Ike (Gere) – is sent in to find out more about her to redeem himself after he publishes an unverified story about her… with his job on the line. Meanwhile Maggie is getting ready to marry her fourth fiance. During the wedding preparations, Maggie opens up to Ike so as her side of her story behind these failed nuptials and they warm to each other.. And it isn’t rocket science to tell you what happens next! Gere and Roberts once again getting you reaching for the tissues..


Pretty Woman (1990)

Pretty Woman Trailer, Sima Movies,

Julia Roberts was the envy of most girls in this timeless blockbuster for love interest Richard Gere by many but in my case her incredibly long legs. She also is the recipient of possibly one of the most romantic lines ever in a movie but not going to tell you this line and let you sob uncontrollably once you hear it. In this movie, probably one of the most loved rom coms ever, the story tells of how Richard Gere’s hard-headed business man Edward picks up prostitute with a heart Vivian (Roberts) after he gets lost in LA. He then hires her for a week as his escort. As you do. As the couple get closer and talk more and learn more about themselves. And of course the inevitable happens and yes, you will need tissues for this rollercoaster of will they wont they leading to the fairytale ending.

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  1. For a while Garry was the king of romantic movies, and Frankie and Johnny is a definite favourite. One of the few films from that era that can stand shoulder to shoulder with When Harry Met Sally…

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