Introducing Little Billy, and a Chance to make a difference!

The Simpsons Animator, Chance Raspberry has a mission should you choose to accept it. Animator Chance Raspberry hopes to take us back to the 80s to meet his new proposed animation series, Little Billy. This a child with a rare fictitious neurological condition and with 80s pop references galore.


The Blogathon Recap where the Thens meet the Nows

Revisiting The Thens and the Nows of my blogathon with Thoughts All Sorts... More from me on that 2 Reel Quirky Cats Blogathon.

Could it be the Final Post until that Recap?

After 3 days of fabulous posts its the Great finale... The Last of the Blogathon Entries... OR are they?

3 Days Down, 1 To Go!

And it's the penultimate day of the blogathon... So with just one day to go - and a recap - here's even more fabulous entries for the THEN films of 20 years and more away.