BLOGATHON… Welcome to Day 1 of the Lovely Lee Grant blogathon


Tune in here for the next four days for the Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon…


There’s still plenty of time to join Chris at Angelman’s Place and I celebrate all things Lee Grant.



I was very happy when the lovely and talented Chris from Angelman’s Place agreed to join me in celebrating the career of the wonderful actress Lee Grant. I was just as happy with the most heartfelt response from the film bloggers’ community, who joined us in our first joint blogathon.

Over the next few days join me here to access some wonderful writing in this actress’ honour. If you are just reading this now, and you are keen to add a post not to worry.

Simply check out the rules HERE and the who is doing what page HERE.  Then send Chris and me a message first with your suggestion and once we’ve oked it you are officially in and then add a blogathon banner. These banners are on the Blogathon Announcement HERE so spread the word by adding one to your post.

Now let us entertain you with some posts from this illustrious actress who has been lighting up our screens since her debut in Detective Story (1951) and more recently in … A Father… A Son… Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2005) with performances in front of the camera.

Remember we will also be accepting podcasts on her work, and posts on her life behind the scenes as a director and writer. All I ask is that you write respectful posts about this inspiring actress.

Do pop back over the next few days to read more… and check in regularly as I will be adding posts as I get them. Just click on that film title to reach the review.

Now on with the show…

The blogathon now officially opening with my own post as Realweegiemidget Reviews on Lee Grant in her Oscar nominated performance in Voyage of the Damned (1976)…


A post from my wonderful co-host, Chris at Angelman’s Place on lovely Lee and her role in Shampoo (1975) led to her one and only Oscar for Supporting Actress…


Silver Screenings is the first of our wonderful guests to add her post on Plaza Suite (1971)…


The Stop Button shares his take on one of Lee Grant’s earlier movies in Middle of the Night (1959)…


Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981) is reviewed by Words Seem Out of Place


Taking Up Room shares her views on Damien: Omen II (1978)…


Down Among the Z Movies tells us about the Columbo episode Lee starred in…


That’s all folks (so far!) but come back soon as there is a swarm (Lee Grant related pun intended) of fabulous posts expected…


23 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Welcome to Day 1 of the Lovely Lee Grant blogathon

  1. Hi Gill
    Unfortunately, I am working through a family emergency; however, I still hope to finish my post in time to add to the Blogathon for Lee Grant. Maybe on the third day?….I hope.
    If I do or Don’t, I look forward to reading everyone’s post. Thank you for hosting 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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