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Dallas (1978-91), Conundrum

Conundrum, The Original End to the Ewing Saga in Dallas (1991)... Reviewing the finale to the original TV series in a feature length double bill episode. J.R. Ewing is on the verge of suicide and is invited to see what happened to his family if he hadn't never been born, by a mysterious white tuxedo wearing stranger.

Darlin' Dallasers Blogathon, Film Review, TV Series

Welcome to Day 1 of My Darlin’ Dallasers’ Blogathon!!!

Blogathons Darlin' Dallasers Blogathon Welcome to Day 1 of the Darlin' Dallasers Blogathon... with reviews including stars such as George Kennedy, Howard Keel and the birthday boy himself, Larry Hagman.