Mad About the Boy (2013) by Helen Fielding


Mad About the Third Bridget Jones Book (Spoilers)…


The third book of the adventures of Bridget Jones, diary writer and now mother of two small children but with a wee twist.


“Mad about the boy” trailer, c/o Random House of Canada from and pictures @ Miramax Films and Universal Pictures


And now time for a wee book review, mainly because my partner in crime is working and for a welcome change Finnish TV not doing its usual yearly Rick Roll of films in its TV schedule. Tonight, it’s  X-Men: First Class (2011) as background noise while he works. Here male readers will sob in despair as a review of this is not in the offing – but to be honest, the younger stepdude knows more about superheroes than me. So I will save my first comic book film review until he’s here to help me out so I get the facts right.

So I will launch into my review of Helen Fielding’s latest story featuring the heroine of book. possible musical (please don’t) and the big screen, Ms Bridget Jones. The book Mad About the Boy, published in 2013, tells how the widowed Bridget joins the cougar club and lands herself a toyboy. Before you scream in despair about Darcy’s apparent demise – as did many women on the internet – this fact is alluded on the dust cover.

When I first met Bridget, I too was a sad singleton who watched rom-coms without being cynical and who sobbed at Love Actually (2003) But then I fell asleep in Bride Wars (2009) and therefore got disowned by a girly friend for never watching Sex in the City. Also I had spotted the rom-com formula used by many a film of boy meets girl, soppy montage, boy loses girl then boy gets girl back at end of movie, yawn. So not surprisingly I got cynical about contrived, girly romantic comedy films and discovered bromances were much funnier and much more enjoyable.

Initially Bridget gave us then 30-somethings a wee bit of hope that one day we would meet our equivalent of Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant). That two incredibly successful, good-looking men would fight over us and that we too would get snogged by one of them so passionately we could feel it in our boots.  The film sequel continued this thread and so I as I am sure many of us hoped the third book would lead us to Bridget’s wedding to Mark Darcy. Bridget’s babies with Mark Darcy and Bridget’s happy ever after in suburbia with Mark Darcy.

Did it? No, because all this was done and dusted before you read the book, Its reported Fielding continued her story in the press but some of these facts had to be changed in this book. So like apparently like many women out there I felt a wee bit cheated. It was like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in ages and falling out with her because when you last saw her she was fun and unfashionable and now she is into Prada and telling you off for not replacing your make up brushes regularly. However, killing off Darcy worked out badly in the long-term as I read Colin Firth was keen for a third film but Hugh Grant walked out but hey that’s Hollywood!

So, when I started the book I was hoping to hear Renee Zellweger doing her best Bridget British accent narrating in my head. Obviously Morgan Freeman would be too weird. I really disliked most of the book So Bridget is now a widow with two small children. She is also 50 plus which really made me frustrated as she did used to be nearer my age. She is Mark Darcy’s widow and misses him. So did we, we also missed Daniel Cleaver,  who started being his familiar, caddish self and ended up quite a sad character.  Also, he’s godfather to Bridget’s kids. So obviously in between books, we missed a bromance between him and Mark, which would probably have made for a funnier book than this. one.

Bridget is working on writing a screenplay which leads to lots of Bridget type mishaps. She also after much prompting to meet a new man, meets her future toyboy, Roxster. For some reason kept reading his name as Rooster. He suddenly seemed less interesting when I realised this. He’s about 20 years younger and she meets him through the internet. Sadly not on a dating site which would have been more amusing (albeit clichéd) and probably have a “fun” montage of this in the film version, starring every British actor who starred in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and a few other random thesps such as Roger Allam and Alan Rickman. Anyway despite the spoilers I’m not going to tell you Bridget’s fate but I will tell you its predictable, contrived and boring. More recently, To complicate issues, I have read that Helen Fielding has decided that perhaps Mark Darcy should come back from the dead, just like Bobby Ewing from Dallas…let’s just hope he’s not in the shower.


Weeper Rating:  0/10

Handsqueeze Rating:  0 /10

Hulk rating :‎mrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreenmrgreen/10

Bonus Trailer : No


20 thoughts on “Mad About the Boy (2013) by Helen Fielding

  1. I remember reading the synopsis to the book and thinking it sounded really silly.. And then hearing that there would be a 3rd Bridget Jones film not being based on the 3rd book so I remain hopeful that the 3rd film would be better then the 3rd book. Oh it a bunch of 3rd isn’t it. Basically what I’m saying is I didn’t like the sound of the 3rd book but I do like the sound of the 3rd film. I will shut up now…

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  2. I was toying with reading this for nostalgia’s sake at least, but think I’ll give it a miss… unless a really bad hangover or something compels me into a bit of hate reading 😉

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