TV… Selling Sunset (2019) Season 1



Getting into real estate with those LA babes…


Real rubberneck TV Series on a coven of apparent Hollywood Harpies working in an estate agent.


Selling Sunset (Season 1) Netflix Trailer, What’s on Netflix and photos © Netflix


Bitchy. Two-faced. Snidey. Put a group of girlies – catering for every male fantasy – in a room and inevitably at least four will fall out. These women bitch about the others, and undermine them. The remaining women put their oar in the ensuing drama(s) and/or stir it or watch these events unfold. Pulling appropriate but overexaggerated expressions to the camera and their (wisely) silent boyfriends.

This is the apparent reality of Selling Sunset (2019-), my latest review. This reality series read docu-soap telling apparently how the hierarchy of a group of women co-workers in an estate agent will evolve if left mainly unsupervised.

Others’ secrets aren’t confidential (when they can be bleated out for the camera and to your workmates, narrowly beating the confider’s confession). Everything they say and do will be recalled in a visual flashback for the viewers just to remind them (and them after the series aired).

This show I’m always acutely aware is a reality series, and a place where no one apparently works (that much) and scenes are probably cut to pander to the audience. Tell me would anyone watch these women actually working and this show simply showed back to back house adverts for the Hollywood elite? (probably, but that’s irrelevant).

I’d like to think this because the series is cut, edited and pieced together so carefully to make this gaggle of girls look this way. The Oppenheim Group (where these women work) website where these women work still shows their smiley faces, which suggests these women are still happily employed.

In the TV Series, there are all those stereotypes. There’s the statuesque bitchy one, cue Christine Quinn. The older and apparently more mature one, Mary Fitzgerald. The pregnant one, Maya Vander. The sweet and well-meaning newcomer, Chrishell Hartley.

All these incredibly photogenic women are working for two twin bald brothers, Jason and Brett Oppenheim. These brothers, who probably after seeing this show in full – if it’s true (all of it) – will now (if they have any sense) be closing shop to start a Right Said Fred tribute band.

The women spend 90% bitching and socialising with each other (in designer wear of very skimpy sizes) and 10% working. Bitchy blonde, Christine appears the most soul-less, bleating on about how she would quite happily work with Satan. I’d like to think she’s really nice and has a sweet side.

But I know (sadly from experience) there is usually at least one woman struggling for Alpha female in the women filled office. This is her portrayal, and I’ve met her real-life newcomer counterpart before. Nicey-nicey with all her mates, but bitchy as fuck with you and will willingly stab you in the back. But first in line to play victim, when you complain about her.

Christine’s biggest on-screen dramas are with Chrishell. Chrishell, I discovered, after binge-watching this addictable (I know that’s not a word, but it should be) series last night is an on-off actress of many a soap. Thus her impact as a newcomer with a conscience was questioned. Mary, the apparently oldest one is 38 did date one of the Oppenheim brothers and is still there having proved herself as I assume she sold a few houses.

Now she has a French toyboy 12 years younger, Romain Bonnet. Romain claims not to understand much especially where kids and marriage are involved (as men do in general, but here to comic clash of the language’s effect). The other women who all appear to be suitable dating age for Leonardo DiCaprio, all have divided opinions of this older woman-younger man relationship. This relationship is discussed at length with or without Mary present.

The brothers occasionally butt in to remind the women they are there to work rather than bleat on about their conquests after dating their punters. Or the brothers have man talk with the girl’s loved ones on business. Their man talk (on estate agent stuff) with the girlfriend/employee in tow often seems to go over the girl’s apparently vacant heads.

Meanwhile, the remaining coven looks on like vultures looking for something they can criticise him for. The girls’ men-folk are all reminiscent of a bland and generic boy band – with hair to match – but apparently less interesting to the audience. All are seen but not heard, a wise move.

A few of the less interesting (for the camera) women both chew the scenery and each other’s lives for breakfast, before spitting it out for all to see in their allocated five minutes. Apparently, these lovelies are now geared up to fight for attention and reign as Queen Bee in a second series.

Mary is looking forward to her wedding (unless there are a few staged hiccups and an inevitable Bridezilla transformation).  Maya will have her baby (which was obviously the worst kept secret on TV even before we watched her go to take the pregnancy test). And I assume Chrishell and Christine will have a catfight in a lilypond.

This show is like The Devil Wears Prada (2006) characters appearing on reality TV. This film was a satire on the world of fashion and also had a sequel Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. But a “reality” for these girls sadly despite those killer heels and labels, in this series in the world of real estate.

There, it’s perfectly reasonable to cut to the next scene, after an invitation from one of the girls to show the punter a bedroom. This series may not sell a 40 million dollar house, but it did sell these women’s souls for much more to the devil of Reality TV.


Weeper Rating:   😦 😦 /10

Handsqueeze Rating🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂🙂 🙂 🙂10

Hulk Rating: ‎ ‎mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen /10


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