NEWS… Day 3 for the Devilishly Delightful Donald Pleasence Blogathon



Pour a cup of tea and join the Donald Pleasence Blogathon for the final day…


It’s the last of the posts for the final day, before the recap tomorrow.



So far we’ve had an amazing 14 entries on Day 1 and Day 2 of this popular blogathon with the spotlight on our talented and versatile special guest star, Donald Pleasence. And within these 14 fabulous entries about his filmography, some fabulous bloggers have added some wonderfully unique and surprising Donald Pleasence moments.

On reading these fabulous posts, you will find his presence in many memorable movies such as Telefon and The Great Escape and in TV series with characters from Columbo to Robin Hood. But in addition through this blogathon, I’ve learned that he has brought his voice to both a Horror TV Mini-series in the 1980s and to a British Children’s Public Information Film from the early 1970s… and that he even has his own no-name curry (and I’ve already sent this recipe on to Darlin Husband’s emails…)

It may be the last day and last few hours of the 30th of October over here in Finland. But as always due to those crazy timezones with my co-host, Barry from Cinematic Catharsis, I will be back for one last post. And this recap and the final of the final posts will come on Halloween…  now tell me if you are hearing John Carpenter’s iconic theme of this franchise. Donald Pleasence’s role in this film franchise has not been a full review in this blogathon, but thanks to a certain blogger it has been mentioned so read those previous posts to see just who it is…

Now on with those great reviews…

Debbie at Moon in Gemini reminds us about a TV Series role for Donald in The Barchester Chronicles (1982)…


Peter Fuller at The Sound of Vincent Price takes us to Donald Pleasence in a film where he co-stars in Journey into Fear (1975)…



Remember to read all those great posts from Day 1 HERE and Day 2 HERE… For those of you who are already going through blogathon withdrawals then CLICK HERE to join the Christopher Plummer blogathon… or tune in in December for this wee celebration…



6 thoughts on “NEWS… Day 3 for the Devilishly Delightful Donald Pleasence Blogathon

  1. So…here’s the “Halloween” movie story I promised.

    Mrs. J-Dub is a monstrous fan of the “Halloween” movies She spent most of her childhood in Indiana, which is a short stone’s throw from Illinois, the home state of the fictional town of Haddonfield (for those of you not familiar with the American heartland).

    However, she was always puzzled by the school in the original film. She couldn’t figure out where it the Midwest there would be a school with outdoor hallways. Luckily, she married somebody who grew up in California…which means I happen to know lots of stuff you see in TV and movies isn’t what you think it is, thanks to the magic of Hollywood. This just happened to be the first time she discovered that.

    I could give you countless examples, but specific to this case, there was a dead give-away that the school in “Haddonfield” was actually in Sherman Oaks, California. As I explained to Mrs. J-Dub, a child of Southern California of the 1970s would now that all schools in California were built with immediate access to spaces not under a roof for those pesky earthquakes.

    But the real key comes from the streets in front of the school, and can be seen throughout the film. Address numbers can clearly be seen painted on the curbs, which was done in California in the 70s to assist emergency responders to find the correct house in a hurry. The Los Angeles suburb of Sherman Oaks had curbs with address numbers, but in many spaces the streets had not yet been paved. Take a close look in the original, there are several times in which you can see dirt streets in “Haddonfield.”

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