My Memberships



My Memberships


I am currently a member of the following Entertainment Blogging Groups…


If you run an online entertainment blogging group and would like me to join use the Contact Me page.


Classic TV Blog Association

Classic TV Blog Association - Small Button

More details about this association….HERE


The Lamb (Large Association of Movie Blogs)


More details of this group HERE… and my details HERE


80s League


I was a member of the 80s League, writing 1980s related posts and featured on the 80s Reboot Overdrive Podcast in a monthly blog post and podcast collaboration.


Banzai Retro Club


The 80s League was recently changed to cover the 70s and 90s too as the Banzai Retro Club. I contributed guest posts as part of Team Banzai and am a regular contributor to the Banzai Retro Club.


Classic Movie Hub

I am a member of the Classic Movie Hub.



I joined Netgalley in January 2021 and I accept memoirs, biographies and entertainment reviews.


Love your thoughts... but only if they are spoiler free!

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