TV… Recalling Terry Wogan on the Telly

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Wonderful Sir Terry Wogan moments from his appearances over the years…


Here are just a few of my favourites of his roles as seen on British TV.



Sadly I read that Sir Terry Wogan, a favourite of both my and Darlin Husband’s grannies and perennial British National Treasure had passed away. Wogan was not only a Radio 2 Disc Jockey for many years but one of the BBC’s greatest assets, as well as being an accomplished author.


Singing career…

Terry Wogan – The Floral Dance [TOTP 1977], Karel Asbeslag

Yup, good ol’ Tel even made it to the charts with this song, The Floral Dance in 1977. As I got into music much much later,  I did think this was a wind up when someone told me about it, which sadly it wasn’t. I shouldn’t really knock it as the tune even made it into the British film, Brassed Off (1986) soundtrack.

Wogan’s Top of the Pops  (1964-) appearance, was probably a shock to himself. As it probably was to most people who had hoped to see some major music acts on visiting the Top of the Pops studio and got a Radio 2 DJ instead… But I am sure Terry helped pave the way for many an actor from soap, drama or comedy to release records in the 1980s. 


TV charity night…

Sir Terry Wogan attempts Gangnam Style – Children in Need 2012 – BBC One, BBC

Wogan compered Children in Need, a yearly charity evening on the Beeb yearly from 1980 to 2013. The Beeb was Wogan’s affectionate name for the British Broadcasting Corporation. These Wogan narrated parts (along with his programme at New Year) were usually the highlight of the evening. 

Until sadly we got the Scottish version for both, with more cringe-worthy segments with over the top annoying Scottish presenters, usually wearing tartan. I moved to England in 1992 and for approximately 8 years enjoyed Wogan and his English crew. Was worth moving there for that alone.


The quiz show compere…

Blankety Blank October 1979 (Part 4 of 4), koksy

Wogan was compere for Blankety Blank (1979-83), a BBC1 quiz show. He was the perfect host with his Irish charm and deadpan presenting style, with the contestants and presenters alike. The game involved asking contestants to fill in the missing word from a sentence. They then hoped to match it with 6 random celebrities’ random answers to the question.

Contestants normally included some posh English totty for your mum and a token dumb blonde, who was usually Sandra Dickinson. In the show, Wogan was more famous for his use of the one of a kind bendy microphone.


Compering Eurovision…

Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up – Terry Wogan announces the wrong winner and other stuff,  jeffrey44 

Before Wogan’s fellow Irishman Graham Norton took the helm, Wogan was presenter and commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest (1973-2008). For those blissfully unaware of this show, singing “acts” representing European countries competed to sing “A Song for Europe”.

Wogan provided the humorous commentary for us Brits, and often had us in tears with his tongue in cheek commentary including his views on the entrant’s frock, the contestant’s countries perceived political voting and their points or lack of with the infamous “nil points”. 


The interviewer…

Dallas Wogan part 6, Dallas TV Series

For a number of years in my youth and childhood, Wogan was famous as a BBC chat show presenter for the aptly named Wogan (1982-92). He interviewed everyone from politicians to stars on stage and screen. Of course, I loved and remembered his interviews with my beloved Dallas (1978-91) cast.

These relaxed interviews were fun to watch especially when he mocked Victoria Principal – Pamela Barnes Ewing – and she defended who Wogan called her “ugly baby”. Years later he reflected on some of his previous interviewees with a series called Wogan, Now and Then (2006).

Around this time, I entered a competition, to see Terry, then Sir Terry interview Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing) and Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing). On winning 2 tickets I sat – though my sister claims she had to restrain me – enthralled seeing Wogan in interviewing action with my telly heroes.

Although the show recorded the highlights it was amazing just seeing and knowing the outtakes. Wogan was fun, a good sport and was able to hold his own, especially with the obvious prankster in Duffy. It was one of those moments, you want to last forever.




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