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The Man from Dallas…


For St Patrick’s Day, one of the most famous of Patricks will be honoured, it’s Dallas’s Patrick Duffy.



Here are 5 of Patrick Duffy’s telly appearances, but it’s bizarre to think Duffy could have had an entry here for the well-known character, Indiana Jones. If you think this is an early April Fool.. check out the Internet!

These reviews will be in short form. No gittering I promise.. especially as I will, of course, mention Dallas. Apologies for not discussing his role in The Man from Atlantis (1977-78) more fully. But sadly (but really not complaining having seen Duffy in soft focus 70s vision) I have only seen the intro theme on YouTube (sorry Patrick). So here are his shorts.. starting with the ones in the aforementioned TV series…


Man from Atlantis Opening/Theme, Peter Hughes


But now on with the reviews…


Strong Medicine (1986)

April 26, 1986 commercials, pannoni14

Duffy played Dr Andrew Jordan, husband to drug rep with a conscience, Celia Grey played by Pamela Sue Martin. It was a case of Dallas (1978-91) meets Dynasty (1981-89) in this 1980s mini-series.

Remember reading this particular Arthur Hailey novel as a teen, after seeing this series which has everyone and anyone including mini-series staple Sam Neill and Dick Van Dyke. But this continued the then trend for immortalising Hailey’s work in film or as a mini-series which included Airport (1970) and the TV Series Hotel (1983-88)…


Wogan Now and Then (1996)

Dallas Wogan part 2, Dallas TV Series

Patrick Duffy was interviewed by the British National Treasure, Terry Wogan in Wogan Now and Then (2006). Duffy was everything I’d seen in previous interviews and read about. Duffy was funny and a natural prankster. He was tall and charming and as part of the live audience, I can confirm he was just as handsome in real life as he is on-screen.

His fun rapport and strong supportive relationships and camaraderie with Linda Gray and Larry Hagman as they joined him on Wogan’s set was a joy to see. This is up there with my wedding day as one of my favourite days ever.


Family Guy (1999)

Family Guy | IRL – Dreaming lady and Bobby, Cartoon Hub 702

In a live-action part of this adult cartoon, in the Da Boom episode, Duffy was reunited with his Dallas co-star Victoria Principal. Seth MacFarlane spoofed more of my memories from my youth as he parodied the infamous Dallas shower scene and its aftermath.

First watched this in Scotland in the wee small hours as it’s shown pretty late there and it was worth staying awake for. This was one of the first episodes I watched – of Family Guy believing it – up until then to be an awful Tim Allen “comedy”.


Welcome to Sweden (2014-15)

WELCOME TO SWEDEN – Own it on Digital HD, eOne ANZ

Welcome to Sweden (2014-15) tells of  American Greg Poehler as Bruce, an American accountant who has moved to Sweden to be with his Swedish girlfriend Emma. As a recurring character, Duffy plays his father who often visits him. 

As expats, Darlin’ Husband and I can identify with Bruce and find this programme interesting, as we are living over the border in Finland. Welcome to Sweden is a funny, original comedy and it is interesting seeing the similarities and differences of the Swedish and Finnish cultures.. and in Duffy a spokesman of what our families and friends may or may not think about us living here.


Dallas (1978-91)

 SwanSong2proposal.wmv,  Bobby and Pam Ewing

Duffy starred in Dallas (1978-91) as dastardly J.R. Ewing’s goody two shoes of a brother, Bobby. Still, he sometimes came face to face with his dark side. However, we forgave him due to that look he often shared with his love interests particularly Pammy.

The famous Patrick Duffy look – which all girls would love to see – is seen in the video above showing a clip from Swan Song which ended with Bobby’s apparent “death”. When Bobby “died” we sobbed, not just at his death but for the entire following season, despite Mark Graison returning as he was often a poor Duffy substitute. As it really was a case of “wasted time” without the Bobby and Pam pairing.

On his return to the soap and Pam sadly leaving one season later he moved on with a variety of ladies including his cousin’s ex-wife April (Sheree J Wilson) despite the fact that she – like all those Bobby turned down – had slept with big brother J.R..

But annoyingly Bobby never returned to Jenna, his first love and she ended up with Ray who slept with anyone – including niece Lucy – despite who they’d been with previously. Anyway as Bobby, Duffy often appeared in his swimming shorts… perhaps as a homage to his Man from Atlantis days or just as a wee treat for us gals. Who cares, as he looked mighty fine in them…



My Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon 2016

This review was entered as my contribution to my first Blogathon. My Dallas (1978-91) review also mentions Duffy. Other Dallas posts include a tribute to George Kennedy. Others include Superman, The Eagle Has Landed and a review on J.R. Ewing. Welcome to Sweden is also reviewed HERE. Pamela Sue Martin is reviewed in Dynasty and The Poseidon Adventure. Belinda Montgomery stars in The Devils Daughter.




6 thoughts on “TV… On the Ewing Family Guy, Patrick Duffy

  1. I’ve got a lot of good shows I need to catch up! 🙂

    One of the wonderful things about your blogathon is that it is introducing me to new actors, movies and shows that I was previously unfamiliar with and it’s expanding my horizons. Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’m really intrigued by “Welcome to Sweden”. I hope it shows up on Netflix, because I think I’d really enjoy it.

    As for Mr Duffy, I had no idea he was so busy! He certainly was prolific, and with such a handsome face I can see why.

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