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Meeting the Christmas challenge to Pay Classics Forward from a fellow blogger…


And setting myself (and some of you) a challenge within a challenge.


Merry Christmas from Dallas!, JAldridge86


In a change from my usual Christmas themed post looking back at my posts this year – which I did more recently celebrating two years as a blogger here – I was inspired by fellow film blogger Aurora’s 12 Days of Christmas challenge. And also in tagging some great bloggers, thanks to Movie Movie Blog Blog for your lovely Blog inspired Christmas post to me, here. As I’ve now turned it into a Christmas tag post. So here’s the gist…

Aurora challenged her fellow bloggers and readers to #payclassicsforward and this is her challenge.

Here’s the challenge…pick movie recommendations to the “12 Days of Christmas” theme as I’ve done below. Keep in mind that movie choices should be those you think would appeal to non classics fans in hopes of growing our community and spreading the word about movies you think people would enjoy watching. You can use the same categories I have or make up your own. I’ve varied my categories each year so far. If it helps know that I set a few rules for myself, but it’s up to you how strict you want to be. For instance, I didn’t repeat any titles. Whatever guidelines you set for yourself just be sure to have fun! Here we go…


So I added my own twist on this in that I’m looking a the 12 Days of Christmas and the category is my fave classic TV Series Dallas (1978). So I’m looking back at the original series in this devious Dallas Twist… with this post especially for Die Hard Dallas fans. And so it has got a few spoilers, that I’m sure Larry Hagman’s J.R. Ewing would be proud of.

This is an early post to celebrate 40 years since Dallas‘s first TV appearance in 1978. Back then we introduced ourselves to the Ewings and the Barnes families, and their oil-related feud which lasted 13 seasons. And beyond that to the TV Movies and the 2012 reboot. And if you need a recap or have never seen the original of the Dallas series HERE’s a review I did earlier.


Here are those TAGGING rules.

  1. You must add the name of the blog that tagged you AND and Realweegiemidget Reviews with links to these sites.
  2. Use the 12 days of Christmas as your guide (as seen in my post below).
  3. Add my natty Christmassy Dallas tagged themed pic at the end of this post.
  4. Link to 6 or more other bloggers.
  5. Add lovely pictures of those you selected.
  6. There is no end date so continue these posts and by tagging my blog at Realweegiemidget Reviews and let’s see just how long these tagging posts continue!
  7. Oh…and post the rules…

Here’s my Ewings and Barnes inspired post…  


1st Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 1 Dream Season.

So Dallas season 9 didn’t happen as Pam woke up the day after her wedding to Mark Graison and found out it was all a dream. As we the viewers watched in astonishment, she found the reason behind Season 8’s cliffhanger as she found her beloved former husband, Bobby in the shower.

Which was infuriating for all of us who hoped for a resolution to that storyline with the mystery blonde with the hots for Bobby and hatred for Pam. With that storyline only resolved in the dream season, as she was revealed to be Katharine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany)… so watch out Bobby! It may be resolved one day, possibly in the next reboot of this soap.


2nd Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 2 Miss Ellies.

One of the most memorable cast changes in the series, especially compared to Jenna (who let’s be honest can only really be remembered as she was played by Priscilla Presley). As just to confuse matters Miss Ellie was first played by Barbara Bel Geddes (pic1), then just as those Ewing boys were getting used to that, she changed to actress Donna Reed (pic2) and then back to Bel Geddes again.

I do remember Larry Hagman quipping on a chat show something to the effect that instead of people asking where’s mama, it was a case of who’s mama…


3rd Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 3 Jenna Wades.

Again with no explanation in the storyline, Bobby’s old flame Jenna changed actress twice with three completely different Jennas… yet gullible Bobby Ewing accepted it without question. Yes, Bobby’s old flame, Jenna was played by Morgan Fairchild (pic1), Francine Tacker (pic2) and Priscilla Presley (pic3) (appearing in that order).

Priscilla Presley’s Jenna was seen for much more than a couple of episodes unlike the others and we even got to see her (nearly) marry Bobby and her screen daughter, Charlie grow up and date Randy. With Randy played by a then new big name in Hollywood… Brad Pitt.


4th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 4 Ewing Brothers.

At the beginning of the series, there was just JR (pic1) and Bobby (pic4) with middle brother Gary (pic3) appearing briefly in the mini-series. After this, he became a different actor, and a familiar face in the Dallas spin-off Knots Landing (1979-83).

However, after actor Larry Hagman had a friendly chat with behind the scenes powers that be, Steve Kanaly’s Ray (pic 2) was revealed as the brother of another mother. Which cheered up JR Ewing no end. He couldn’t have been more thrilled. But at least looking on the bright side, Ray wasn’t interested in Ewing Oil.


5th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 5 Ewing Shootings.

You may be surprised to learn that the JR Ewing (in pics 1,3 and 5) wasn’t the only Ewing to get shot, although he did get shot more than anyone. About 4 times and don’t ask me regarding the reboot. Other Ewings fired at included his father (pic3), Jock, his wee brother Bobby (pic2) and Bobby’s wife, April (pic4). And if you don’t want spoilers don’t read on. As even the pictures will show those who got shot and not the shooter.

And those holding the gun included a man with a grudge with Jock in the episode Dove Hunt when JR got his by sister-in-law Kristin Shepherd in the famous 1980 whodunnit and ex-wife Sue Ellen (to just name twice). And as for Bobby, his sister-in-law Katharine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany) pulled the trigger… and as for April… still to watch that episode, so no spoilers, please!


6th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 6 Ewing (with one almost stepdaughter) Kids.

So of course the Ewings had adorable kids, all grown up to feud in Dallas 90210 (2012-2014) and start feuds of their own. Over Ewing Oil and Cliff Barnes’ daughter, revealed literally with Cliff Barnes in an aeroplane hanger, cliff hanger! However, the family tree was complicated with paternity suits over John Ross the third (pic1) – revealed to be JR, not Cliff – Christopher (pic2) – Kristin’s blackmailing boyfriend, Jeff Faraday not JR – and Charlie (pic3) – Ronaldo Marchetta not Bobby. Yet Bobby almost became her stepdad and then Ray kinda kid.

Other Ewing children included JR’s long-lost much older son, James Beaumont (pic4) and Lucas (pic5), Bobby’s baby with Jenna. And as for the 5th, little Lucy Ewing (pic6) was introduced to us way back in the first mini-series of the soap and grew up on-screen from a flirty teenager…


7th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 7 Lovely Cast Photos.

And for a wee break in those Ewing shenanigans here are 7 lovely pictures of the full cast…  


8th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 8 Ewing Weddings.

As you know I do like a good Dallas wedding with that Southfork Drive being the setting for many an Ewing shindig. Usually, including a compulsory appearance by Cliff Barnes and therefore major upsets, fights and insults inevitably occurred. The no-show wedding of Jenna and Bobby isn’t mentioned as er it didn’t happen. But there were will they won’t they Cliff-hangers.

Weddings included JR and Sue Ellen’s second wedding (pic 1) and Bobby and Pam’s (pic 2) second wedding. And the ones that annoyed JR, his mother Miss Ellie and Clayton’s wedding (No3)  and Ray and Donna’s. (No4). JR with his much younger bride Cally (No5). Lucy continued the Ewing tradition of marrying Mitch twice…in pics 6 and 7. And finally, Bobby and April’s wedding whose honeymoon ended with a bang…


9th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 9 Ewing Extra Marital Affairs.

Ewings often ended up having more than a few flings during the series. With JR and wife Sue Ellen heading for the divorce court twice in the original series.  With JR bedding sisters-in-law (both his and Bobby’s, Kristin in pic 1 and Katharine pic 2), business associates (Holly Harwood (pic3)  and Marilee Stone (pic4)) and in pic no 5 Mandy Winger, a model.

Sue Ellen finds herself in love with rodeo cowboy lusty Dusty Farlow (pic5), old college flame Clint (pic7), and a younger man, Peeder (pic8) oops Peter Richards. And JR’s greatest adversary, Cliff Barnes (pic6).


10th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 10 Surprising Guest Stars.

The original cast had a shed load of wonderful support from their special guest stars, with these 10 the most memorable (for me and Darlin Husband anyway).

Stars included Ian McShane (American Gods (2017-)), Barbara Carrera (When Time Ran Out (1983), John Beck (The Big Bus (1976)), Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jennie  (1965-70), Marc Singer (The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1982), Lesley Anne Down (Murder is Easy (1982), Christopher Atkins (The Pirate Movie (1982)), Lois Chiles (Death on the Nile (1978)), Paul Gleason (Die Hard (1988)) and Susan Flannery from (The Towering Inferno (1975)).


11th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 11 Fabulous Frocks and Tuxedos.

So in a wee break from the spoilers galore, here are 11 fantastic pictures from the Oil Baron’s Ball, which was yet another venue for the Ewings and the Barnes to meet up… and fight, and insult each other… but don’t the frocks look lovely and don’t Bobby and JR look lovely in a tux!


12th Day of Christmas, Darlin’ Dallas gave to me… 12 Cliffhangers (excluding the dream one).

So not going to list them here but add a video or two as you’ve already been spoilt with way too many spoilers on this series in this and my other Dallas posts… 

Dallas – The Cliffhangers Part 1, TAFilms


Dallas – The cliffhangers Part 2, TAFilms


After 12 seasons (and a dream season Dallas ended with the result of the final cliffhanger revealed in those TV movies. And then 21 years later, in 2012 a remake led me to my New Year’s resolution – and this after seeing the tongue in cheek Dynasty reboot – which is to watch the 1st episode if not the first season of the Big D. 2012 series.


But I haven’t forgotten and just before I go. I’m going to challenge some of my fave bloggers with a wee individual classic tagging challenge… but if you want to join in the fun, please do!

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And Happy Christmas from me until my New Year post, and don’t forget to join my Michael Caine blogathon if you haven’t already! And have fun.. especially if you are tagged.


Natty Picture for you to add to your tagging posts…


And finally, a huge Happy Christmas, and I will be back with some new reviews after Boxing Day… so have a good one!



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