Who’s Doing What in the Marvellous Michael Caine Blogathon 2018


Thinking of joining me and celebrating Michael Caine’s 85th birthday….


Here’s that all important list of who is doing what!



For more details about this 2018 Blogathon celebrating this British icon’s 85th birthday and those all important rules, CLICK HERE

And here’s who is doing what,

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews…  Water (1985) and A Shock to the System (1990).

Richard from The Humpo Show… Either Get Carter (1971 probably) or A Bridge Too Far (1977)

Maddy from Maddylovesherclassicfilms… Zulu (1964)

Rebecca at Taking Up Room.. Miss Congeniality (2000) and Secondhand Lions (2003)

Chris Sturhann at chrissturhann …  Miss Congeniality (2000)

Dave from Banzai Retro Club … Deathtrap (1982)

Michaela from Love Letters To Old Hollywood... Deathtrap (1982

paul  from Return To The 1980s … Deathtrap (1982)

Barry from Cinematic Catharsis… The Hand (1981)

Graduated CylinderThe Italian Job (1969)

Erin from Cinematic ScribblingsThe Wrong Box (1966)

David FergusonHannah and her Sisters (1986)

Katrina at Life’s Daily Lessons Blog… Little Voice (1998)

Debbie at Moon in Gemini... Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

VinniehHalf Moon Street (1986)

Quiggy from The Midnite Drive InWithout a Clue (1988)

Silver Screenings… Sleuth (1972)

Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews… Sleuth (1972)

Le from Critica Retro… The Italian Job  (1969)

Kevin Maher from Top 10 film listThe Man Who Would Be King  (1975)

Rick from the Classic TV Blog Association… Funeral In Berlin (1966)

Alex from Anyone Got a MatchGambit (1966)

Emma K Wall (Explains it All)… Jaws:  The Revenge (1987)

Jay from Cinema Essentials.. The Ipcress File (1965)


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