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A Door To The Past…


Unhappily married, Jennie Logan goes back in time, falls in love and must to solve her lover’s murder before it happens…as time runs out.



The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (Lindsay Wagner CBS TV Movie), Rewatch Classic TV,


I jumped at the chance of watching The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979) once again, as it’s one of my favourite TV Movies possibly as it has more connections to Dallas (1978-91) than most. As you know I am a tad obsessed with this TV show even basing my first blogathon on it – the Darling Dallaser‘s one – which I ran to celebrate what would have been Larry Hagman’s 85th birthday last year – and mentioning the show whenever I happen to review anything from podcasts to movies with a cameo to starring role from any of the cast.

So how does this TV film connect with the Big D, it’s six degrees of Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing to the uninformed, aka J.R.’s long suffering on-off wife). Firstly and obviously, the lovely Linda Gray stars in it. Secondly, the main billing goes to her one time niece by Linda’s previous marriage,  actress Lindsay Wagner who played The Bionic Woman (1976-78). This TV series being the spin-off of the The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-78) with Lee Majors. Bizarrely this leads to coincidence no 3, Majors was  – as I still haven’t seen the new series yet – Sue Ellen’s love interest in the reboot series, a fact which a Major fan told me. Another coincidence, is the presence of Constance McCashin, who plays Wagner’s friend and confidante in this TV movie and starred in the Dallas spin-off Knots Landing (1979-93). And finally leading man in The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, is Marc Singer who you guessed it appeared in Dallas. Albeit in that dream season..

So whats this TV Movie about? The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan starts with some rather hip 1970s font credits and some spooky romantically themed music and a painting of a house. A couple, Michael (Alan Feinstein) and his wife Jennie (Wagner) Logan are looking at a house with a view to buying it. She loves it and heads the way as they look round the house, almost like she’s seeing it again. He’s only interested in making her happy as it’s hinted at they’ve had marital problems. She goes to open the door to the loft but is dissuaded from doing so by the owner…  cue door close up.. and more of the spooky romantically themed music.

So they buy the house, which Jennie wants to restore to its former glory. It’s revealed Michael was a bit of a cad, as Jennie caught him in bed with another young lady, through a wee flashback and her conversation with BFF,  Beverly (McCashin).  Jennie investigates the loft which has an old dress in it from approx 1899 (80 years previously to film’s then set in the present day of 1979), which Jennie tries on and it fits. She then gets a headache from which she passes out, seeing a glimpse of the house in its former state.

Back in the present day, Michael is upset as she’s not responding to his advances. After trying on the dress more Jennie returns to the past, hearing strange voices shouting Pamela. On a further revisit to 1899, she sees the voice’s owner, David Reynolds (Singer)  who shouts Pamela and chases her in his horse and cart. But Wagner outruns him – well she was the Bionic Woman – and returns back to 1979.

In the present day, Jennie finds more about the house through the local museums curator, Mrs Bates and later, Aunt Betty one of the town’s older inhabitants. Bates tells how its previous owner,  David was an artist. His wife Pamela died and how he saw her ghost at times, then he met some one new. However he was shot in suspicious circumstances at the turn of the century. Jennie is shown one of his paintings which spookily – cue that music again – looks like Jennie!! So she goes back in time and talks to David, and they fall in love.

But he’s fighting off the affections of his sister-in-law, Elizabeth (Linda Gray) and having threats to his life through his former father-in-law. David speaks in ye olde turn of the 20th Century imagined talk with ye olde moustache and haircut. And the Harrington family invite themselves into the house. As ye do. After present day, hubby tries to win her over with a locket,  she continues to return to the past and she and David fall in love. With Michael believing she’s become unwell… she sees a therapist. Jennie meanwhile is aware of David’s fate…and resolves to stop his untimely death.. So tune into this movie to see how things turn out…

I do love this movie as one of my most well-remembered of those 1970s TV movies, I enjoyed at the time. A bit like The Asylum movies now they usually had one star you recognised then and much more now. The star I recognised then was obviously Linda Gray. Another example being The Horror at 37,000 Feet (1973) TV Movie which I watched more recently with Darlin’ Husband and also reviewed here as a guilty pleasure.

On reading more, I found Jennie’s husband was played by Alan Feinstein a fact I’d not known previously. I’d at my first viewing of this time – as a teenager – thought it was a permed Captain Kirk (William Shatner). I also recognised Singer from his Dallas connection with Darlin’ Husband remembering him from V (1983) and The Beastmaster (1982) movies from this time. My only criticism, would be there was not enough of Linda Gray in it. My last  (I promise) Dallas related note, instead of that ill-conceived dream season, Pamela could have had a time travel storyline, returning to her clutching  Bobby’s apparently dying body. But then resolving to stop his hit and run by confronting the culprit, Katherine Wentworth before it happened. Now this would be a series 9 of Dallas, worth going back in time for….

Weeper Rating😦😦 😦 😦 😦 :-(/10

Handsqueeze Rating:  🙂 🙂  🙂🙂 🙂 🙂  🙂 /10

Hulk Rating: ‎ ‎ mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen  ‎/10

Bonus Trailer: Yes

The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan 1979 CBS Movie Promo, Sean Mc,


movie-of-the-week-blogathonThe Movie of the Week Blogathon 2017, No 5

This film was reviewed for the Classic Film and TV Cafe‘s Movie of the Week Blogathon. Linda Gray also featured in my Dallas (1978-91), Darling Dallasers Blogathon and Leading Ladies and their Toyboys reviews…





8 thoughts on “TV… The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan (1979)

  1. Lindsay Wagner is such an underrated talent, and I really like Two Worlds. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it but I remember it hit all the right romantic beats. I met Linda Gray in 2010 (along with Larry Hagman… they were incredible… nice to see you are a big Dallas fan too!), and she told me the makeup took HOURS. Which seems right. She’s so gorgeous. To erase that takes time!

    I’m glad you picked this film. It’s one I’ve been wanting to revisit, and so I’m moving it up on my list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always thought this was an intriguing premise and it provided Lindsay Wagner with one of her best roles. (I don’t think playing Jaime Sommers was much of a stretch, though she did win an Emmy). What I liked best the cross-cutting between the present and past and, of course, the revelations at the ending. It was a different kind of time travel tale. And, yes, I like your DALLAS idea….

    Liked by 1 person

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