FILMS and TV… Memories of Children’s TV Keith Chegwin


Recalling my first crush, on this Children’s TV Star in the 70s…


Remembering the highlights of this presenter and actor.



So we all have first crushes as a kid, and Cheggers was mine. This was back in the 1970s when I was an approx 8 or 9-year-old girl, and long before JR in Dallas and just before Blue Peter presenter Christopher Wenner. And all of these way before Chris Hemsworth was even conceived. So now that particular school girl crush confession is out the way, on with my memories of Keith Chegwin… or as we kids knew him as Cheggers (always).


Macbeth (1971)

Macbeth (Polanski, 1971) – HD Trailer, Josep Dolo

I’m sure I remember watching this film at school unless it was that sad occasion that the TV was wheeled out on its trolley but was unable to work for some “technical reason.” This meaning all thoughts of a wee telly film break in the school day was ruined. If it was watched, on reading more on the film I think I must have had really liberal teachers or it was another film version of the Shakespeare play.

This as Cheggers starred in the Playboy film production of the play which was criticised for its nudity and was financed by Hugh Hefner. Either way, I don’t remember that but I do remember spotting wee 15-year-old Cheggers in this film. And possibly if I didn’t see this at school, it was in one of those highly addictive Before They Were Famous (1997-) shows, But it might explain the telly suddenly not working if it was a school viewing.


Multi Coloured Swap Shop (1976-82)

Multi Coloured Swap Shop – opening titles, flares

Multi Coloured Swap Shop was BBC 1 and compulsory kids’ TV viewing on a Saturday morning for me and my sisters in the seventies. It was a magazine type programme for kids of all ages. It had guest stars, phone-ins, letters, competitions and toy swaps (hence the name). And Suzi Quattro. My swap was featured once on the Swaps board, where I wanted to swap 12 dolls for anything to do with… Shakin’ Stevens. And in time, I got a reply from the show with Swap Shop signed photos of the presenters. sadly lost over time.

It was presented by Noel Edmonds, who my father wound me up for years was actually called Ernest Peabody in real life. Until I discovered the truth via the internet. Decades later. In this programme, Chegwin was the roving reporter, where he’d visit a random British town – revealed during the show and there he’d organise toy swaps with the local kids. Once he was rumoured to appear in my then home town, Aberdeen, so donning my best outfit I prepared to meet my idol. I made my way to the venue with my autograph book, but he wasn’t there.

Another moment where Cheggers broke my heart in the 70s was when it was announced on John Craven’s Newsround (1972-) – a news programme for kids famed for telling us the news in kiddy friendly fashion –  he was getting married to his then Swap Shop co-presenter, Maggie Philbin. And they announced it in the Blue Peter Garden too…my fave telly programme at the time.


Cheggers Plays Pop (1978 – 86)

cheggers plays pop intro, r3trojay

A 70s games show for kids with lots of balloons, a young 1970s ie dodgy haired Cheggers bouncing about on bouncy castles shouting instructions manically, and laughing at kids competing in crazy but fun challenges. And 8 times out of 10, Suzi Quattro singing her latest hit.

It had probably one of the most annoying kids’ theme tunes of the 70s for kids and adults alike.  Here the red team was pitted against the yellows, both wearing natty Cheggers Plays Pop t-shirts and headed by a token celebrity or a Nolan sister. And compered Stuart Hall style by Cheggers.


Kill Keith (2011)

KILL KEITH – ON DVD 26 MARCH 2012, Metrodome Film,

Cheggers had a main role in this great little obscure British comedy horror film. Kill Keith tells how.. as I put it earlier…

A new male anchorman is needed for the Crack of Dawn Breakfast TV show, and someone would kill for the part.

Darlin’ Husband discovered it primarily because of spotting Cheggers on the DVD cover in Uma Thurman Kill Bill attire. More about this film from Cheggers can be found in my review here


and my Cheggers’ Claim to Fame…

When I was a teenager, I met the man himself on a fun day in Oldmeldrum of all places. Oldmeldrum, being a wee remote Scottish town somewhere in Aberdeenshire. This time meeting the man himself and then getting his autograph. This wasn’t the first time I met a presenter or saw one live and unleashed that I had, had a bit of a crush on.. but that’s another story or two.



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