FILMS and TV… Visiting Verne Troyer’s VIPs


The Man behind Mike Myer’s Mini Me and more…


Celebrating the Life and Times of Verne Troyer.



Sadly, recently Verne Troyer, the man most famously known as the diminutive clone to Mike Myer’s Dr Evil, Mini-Me and Griphook in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) passed away. From his initial roles as a stuntman – as the stunt double to the child in Baby’s Day Out (2009) – to more recently co-presenting the documentary series Welcome to Sweden (2007) he always left a big impression.

Other notable mentions from his career included films with big acting names such as Johnny Depp, Christopher Plummer and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also made noteworthy appearances as himself be it in a quiz or reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother (2009) and Celebrity Wife Swap (2015).

With some wee reviews here… of some of those moments.


Appearing in movies… Austin Powers Movies

Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me: Mini me, Nizzinny

Troyer made his mark as Mini-Me in the second and the Troyer’s third films in this spy film parody trilogy. Starring in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). Here he played Doctor Evil’s tiny clone, a mere 1/8th of Dr Evil’s size but more silent and just as nasty.

This wee clone was created for Evil in 1969 in the film The Spy Who Shagged Me, and this was a nice wee nod to Troyer’s birth year. Like his much bigger counterpart, the pair parodied Blofeld, they each had a pet. This he named after Dr Evil’s cat and it was a kitten named Mini-Mr. Bigglesworth. Mini-Me even made an appearance in that AustinPussy movie trailer within the Goldmember movie. With Danny DeVito playing him alongside Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Cruise.


Appearing in Quiz Shows… Celebrity Juice (2008-)

Scene But Not Heard – Verne Troyer & Keith Lemon – Celeb Juice goodtele1111

Troyer participated 5 times in this British cable, adult TV Quiz show with Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis’ alter ego) as the host. The show’s team captains were Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton. It currently involves celebrities taking part in fun activities. This rather than its original premise where celebrities’ knowledge of tabloid news was the name of the game. 

Playing such crazy sounding games as Scene But Not Heard ( where the teams mime film titles with the help of Lemon), Lemonhead (choosing a category from an Andy Warhol inspired Keith Lemon head) and a balloon-bursting challenge with Jedward.


Appearing in adverts…  Orange Juice, Online Casinos and more

Sunny D Caribbean Style Commercial With Verne Troyer, THOMASINTHE1980S

Troyer advertised brands of orange juice, games and casinos. All in his unique comic and fun style. The orange juice advert was his most unforgettable with his look almost parodying more than a few bad guys rolled into one. Also with a great wee in-advert reference to those Mission Impossible movies with Tom Cruise.

Almost like a movie in an advert, as Cruise had done a movie trailer in that previously mentioned movie (still with me?) as his Mini-Me adversary, Austin Powers…


Appearing in Reality Shows… Welcome to Sweden (2007)

Welcome to Sweden pimpar permobiler i Brinkens Garage, Brinkens Garage,

Not to be confused with the series also titled Welcome to Sweden but from 2014, starring Greg Poehler and Patrick Duffy alongside Lena Olin. This show also with a multitude of Swedish stars (or those married to Swedes (not the vegetable)).

This was a Swedish reality TV Series matching Troyer alongside a fellow spy’s nemesis, Richard Kiel (Jaws from the James Bond movies). The pair – like Poehler – experiencing the joys of Swedish culture such as May Day and Midsummer’s Day and meeting the Swedish Bikini Team.

Sadly, I moved here too late to catch this series over here so missed this series. With Troyer and Kiel taking a cruise over here… and now keen to see his and Kiel’s thoughts on Finland, Finland, Finland…



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