TV… Loving Dex Dexter in Michael Nader’s Dynasty Days



Taking a shot at recalling Dex’s delightful Dynastic divas…


Back to the 1980s for his Prime Time soap role as Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter and his Carrington and Colby connections.



I was gutted to learn about the passing of Michael Nader. Yet another of my 1980s crushes, this actor was always remembered in the Prime Time soap, Dynasty (1981-89).  I’d seen and heard this actor on Zoom earlier this year when Darlin Husband treated me to a ticket to the online Dynasty reunion organised by his co-star, Emma Samms. This was like a dream date seeing those Dynasty darlings.

Nader played the hunky Dex Dexter with probably his most memorable Dynastic love interest, the matriarch and soap bitch extraordinaire, Alexis Colby (Joan Collins). It’s reported that Dex was initially introduced into this soap as both her business partner and her love interest for just a few episodes.

But then after he stayed on in the show, he had later relationships and flings with her on-screen daughter, Amanda (Catherine Oxenberg) and Alexis’ cousin Sable (Stephanie Beacham). As well as his on-off relationship with Alexis. Thus making him the definitive 1980s soap toyboy.

It was clear from his first scenes in 1983, that there was obvious on-screen chemistry with Joan Collins. Nader was one of five actors shortlisted for this role and Joan Collins said HERE

“Of all my Dynasty husbands, he was far and away the finest trying, the finest actor and the most charming, and I used to be extraordinarily glad to have married him.”

Nader believed that she was a “kindred spirit” and he spoke of their immediate chemistry during his audition. In an article found on UPI HERE he adds;

“But the energy that Joan and I had was what became the final statement. Joan and I had real charisma.”

IMDb adds HERE that Nader beat 400 other actors for this role, and I read he was then picked from the final five by Joan Collins. Nader was supposed to be a temporary character, but his popularity meant he stayed in the series till the final episode. When I remember him, it’s mainly for his chiselled good looks and gravelly voice.

And in his role as Farnworth “Dex Dexter”, he could be described by the letter D, for just four moments in his Dynasty stint with him seen as Dashing, Darling, Daring and Debonair.


A dashing third husband for Alexis Carrington Colby…

Dex and Alexis’ First Kiss, Forever Carrington

As Alexis’ dashing third husband, Dex was introduced in season 4, episode 8 of the soap. His character falls in love at first sight with Alexis Colby at a business meeting. This was just the start of their tempestuous on-off relationship and eventual business partnership. 

Dex kisses Alexis for the first time by the end of his first episode and who wouldn’t have melted at his then business proclamation. He offers her a relationship and business partnership, after taking a deal from her. His charisma and kiss with the older wiser Alexis, don’t convince her immediately, so it takes him a few episodes to bed her. Their on-off relationship often started in tussles which led to snogging and ended in more. However, this passionate pair break up by the end of the season.

The two eventually create Lex-Dex Industries together, which was possibly the first of those romantic name amalgamations. The pair then eventually tie the knot and for him, it’s the real deal, despite his pre-marital fling as…


Amanda Carrington’s Darling (Step) Daddy…

5x12United, Jeff Colby

In season 5, he meets Alexis’ young long lost daughter, Amanda and she begins an on-off love-hate relationship with the man who will become her stepfather. This pair finally gives in to their mutual passion when they are snowed in a ski lodge together. This trip was arranged by Alexis as a family bonding trip.

This inevitably happens just before Alexis announces their wedding which still goes ahead, with Amanda as a bridesmaid. However, just before this Dex tells Amanda he has feelings for her but is still marrying her mother, and gets another slap.

I must admit I did relish this particular storyline, and what happened next…  


A Daring Dex…

The Moldavian Massacre, ForeverCarrington

Also in Season 5, Amanda meets and gets engaged to Prince Michael of Moldavia (Michael Praed). But not before she checks out if Dex is interested…  Before the wedding Dex learns that rebels plan to sabotage the wedding, then he gets kidnapped by them and then he escapes.

Who of course who could forget Dex’s role in his attempts to save the day as this ex Vietnam vet goes full-tilt action hero. But as a major cliffhanger, that meant the whole cast was apparently shot, it also suggests Dex is eventually shot himself. This is after he tries to save the Moldavian King from being shot. And it seems everyone’s life is in balance.

In season 6, it’s still on and off with his relationship with Alexis, and off and on with Amanda after she takes advantage of him when he’s drunk. Then mummy dearest finds out in true Dynasty style… and its divorce. This was probably one of my favourite scenes in the series, and not just for Oxenberg saying “Mummy” in a quizzical and indignant way once they are discovered in bed. The devastated Alexis immediately goes off to arrange a quickie divorce.

During season 7, he’s still on and off with Alexis, until he realises that she’s still in love with her first husband, Blake. Blake (John Forsythe) is the silver fox and patriarch of the Denver based Carrington clan. In this season, Alexis takes full advantage of an amnesiac Blake who thinks it’s 1964 and he’s still married to her.

And sadly, this is where I stopped seeing the series as life got in the way. But after reading more, it seems Dex fighting gunmen again in the season 7 cliffhanger this time at stepson Adam’s wedding…


Debonair Dex and Sultry Sable…

Dex and Sable’s Tango, Forever Carrington

Finally, in season 9, it appears that Alexis and his relationship was running hot and cold (again but for the final time) and…  after doing the research, I believe he also has an on-off fling with her cousin, Sable Colby.  I sadly didn’t see those scenes when they got together, but I found this rather raunchy scene, where they prove it takes two to tango… 


And his Dynasty Denouement…

9x22SonOfYours, Jeff Colby

I did later see the final episode of this show, where to my shock Dex learns he’s going to be a daddy. This is as Sable finds out she’s pregnant and she tells him wants to bring up their child alone. After he confronts both Sable and Alexis in those final scenes, this gives way to the end of this soap series…

After reading about those Realweegiemidget missed episodes it seems Nader’s Dex had even more relationships, one with Alexis’ niece, Leslie and a bit of romantic potential with Amanda’s long lost aunt, Dominique Deveraux. So you could say that Dex kept things in the family where was known for his prowess in the bedroom, as well as the boardroom. But the latter is another story… or two.




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