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Gittering about Rock of Ages…


A romantic musical about a girl and boy wanting to find fame as rock stars in the 1980s with a rock soundtrack.


Rock of Ages, youtube movies and photographs © Warner Bros


When deciding on something to write about for my second post, I asked my Darlin Husband. He suggested another film review this time focusing on the Jack Nicholson classic The Shining (1980). However, after starting to watch this film again, I started thinking of the excellent South Park (1997-) parody cartoon. Here Randy Marsh plays Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance. This is plainly wrong when you are watching one of your favourite Oscar-winning actors.

After reading up about this film, I discovered Stephen King wanted Christopher Reeve to play Torrance.  After telling this surprising fact to my Darlin Husband, he suggested the potential of a horrific new remake with Brad Pitt as Torrance. This I feel would inevitably make it a Jolie – Pitt production starring all their kids in cameos. Still, that idea is more appealing than the thought of a Will Smith family production.

Instead of The Shining, I’m going to gitter about the film, Rock of Ages (2012). This film is based on the hit romantic comedy musical of the same nameIt is set in the 1980s with an excellent rock or Glam Metal musical soundtrack. The plot is also a classic – i.e. predictable – romantic comedy of boy meets girl film but with an all-star cast.

The two romantic leads are played by – the easily forgettable and equally – Diego Boneta (Drew) and Julianne Hough (Sherrie). Sherrie and Drew’s love story was so contrived I stopped caring about them after the first 5 minutes of the film so please bear with them. It does get better. I promise.

The leads, however, are totally upstaged by the supporting cast which includes Catherine Zeta Jones, Malin Akerman and Paul Giamatti. It also stars a long-haired Tom Cruise who rightly or wrongly commands every scene he’s in. However, all of them – even Cruise – are upstaged by the equally long-haired Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand with a mullet.

This film is great fun, especially if you ignore the two lead roles of Sherrie and Drew as the squeaky-clean lovers. Both have the looks and charisma but are totally unconvincing in their roles as potential rock stars. He looks more like a boy band member and she would look more comfortable singing soppy romantic ballads.

Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin are surprisingly good singers. Cruise looks exceptionally tall in this film, possibly due to his high-heeled boots. Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand have fun playing their most sensitive and possibly most romantic roles to date. Giamatti’s singing voice was present. But unfortunately, he had no solo songs to show off his singing ability. This talent was however seen in Duets (2000).

To sum up, it’s a great wee film with a few A-list celebrities (known for more conventional roles) singing surprisingly well. Also the probably the most romantic – albeit tongue-in-cheek romantic – montage since Up (2009) which will send up every romantic comedy ever.


Weeper Rating:  😦 /10

Handsqueeze Rating:  🙂 /10

Hulk Ratingmrgreenmrgreenmrgreen /10

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