TV… The Colbys (1985-87)


Just when you thought it was safe to put away those shoulder pads…


A Swan Song for Barbara Stanwyck in her Soap sassy, sisterly role to the actor she called Moses.


The Colbys first ever intro credits & show intro (amazing), joanCollins2009

Dallas (1978-01) of course had got there first. This with the spin-off soap Knots Landing (1979-93) long before Dynasty even started. So in the late 1980s, prime time soap rival Dynasty (1981-89) inevitably followed suit, with Dynasty II: The Colbys (1985-87). Did I watch it? Damned right I did. Admittedly, my teenage self was like big brother JR Ewing in Dallas. I didn’t give a damn about that Ewing middle brother, black sheep Gary and his annoyingly virtuous wife, Valene Ewing so Knots Landing wasn’t as avidly watched as this soap spin-off.

With these members of Colby clan introduced to us in three Dynasty episodes in the wake of the Moldavian Wedding Massacre.. but that’s another story (see HERE if you don’t know what I’m blabbing about). This show promoted as having a more glamorous setting (Bel Air in California), a bigger headlining cast and with a substantially bigger budget of a million dollars an episode. It seemed the perfect ratings winner. Sadly, it folded after just two seasons with such a ridiculous, out of this world ending that made Bobby’s return to Dallas seem plausible.

The show’s headlining stars included Charlton Heston (aka the man who played Moses), Katharine Ross, Richardo Montalban, Stephanie Beacham and Barbara Stanwyck. Stynwyck in what would be her final role. She was said to have beaten other Hollywood legends up for this role including Katharine Hepburn and Doris Day. Other talent considered for this soap included everyone from Burt Lancaster to Gregory Peck and Faye Dunaway  to Angie Dickinson. Guest stars from the original soap including Gordon Thomson (Adam Carrington), Jack Coleman (Steven Carrington) and Diahann Carroll (Dominique Deveraux). Other guest stars included Michael Parks, David Hedison and Kevin McCarthy.

The Colbys headed by multi billionaire and head of Colby Enterprises and family patriarch, Jason Colby. Brother to the now dead Cecil  (one time Alexis husband in Dynasty until she “accidentally” killed him in the throes of passion) and presumed dead, Philip. Also husband to Alexis’ English cousin (Stephanie Beacham), Sable and brother to Constance.

Sable had three grown up kids to Jason. These were playboy Miles (now happily ensconced with Fallon / Randall), sensible level-headed business woman, Monica (Tracy Scoggins) and the one that everyone forgets, Bliss (Claire Yarlett). Miles played by Grease 2′s Michael Carrington, aka English heart-throb Maxwell Caulfield… leading to a few tears (in our household) in his on-off love triangle with Jeff over Fallon, when this hunky Englishman always lost out.

Also in the cast, as a kind of matriarchal figure to Jeff was Barbara Stanwyck playing his Aunt Constance (Colby Patterson). Stanwyck appearing in three episodes of Dynasty and the first season of The Colbys.  Later, Frankie (Katharine Ross) joined the cast as Sable’s sister and Jeff’s estranged mother.. who had more than a soft spot for her sister’s husband, both in her younger days and later in the series. She was married to Jason’s brother Philip… (still with me?). The villain of the piece was the wonderfully named Zach Powers with the voice as smooth as Corinthian leather was Khannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! from Star Trek, Ricardo Montalban.

This series concentrating on the significantly more handsome enigmatic Jeff Colby (John James) as he left Denver for California to his family at his Aunt Constance’s request. As a nice wee incentive he gets 50% of the family company too. Thus upsetting Sable, who has three kids to the man with the other 50%, Jason. Constance giving Jeff this gift as Jason believes he is dying (which in trope soap style turns out to be untrue). Jeff meanwhile has also found his presumed dead but actually amnesiac wife Fallon (Emma Samms). Now calling herself Randall. And newly married to his cousin, Miles.

Constance was a gutsy, well-meaning and passionate woman who stood up to Sable’s obvious bitterness and bitchiness. The first series had an ongoing feud between the women. Episodes usually leading to a confrontation. This involved catty verbal comments from Sable with Constance defending her herself or her motives. And Sable protecting her “children’s” interests. Constance also a constant support to her brother Jason and Jeff.

Constance’s other storylines included a court case – instrumented by Sable –  to prove Connie was of unsound mind when giving her part of the company to Jeff. This after Sable maliciously convinced Connie and the family Connie was getting more forgetful and having a “mental breakdown”. This backfiring on her with Jason feeling she had gone to far. Sable doing this in “support” of her family. This storyline indirectly led to questions on Jeff’s true father. When Connie confronts Sable about this issue, she is accidentally (yes, really) hit by her sister-in-law’s car.

Stanwyck playing her character’s strengths in a natural credible way with an obvious and strong warm on-screen rapport with Heston and James. Giving her all to show this character as having more well-meaning motives than her scheming sister-in-law. Her scenes with Beacham were a delight to watch with these attributes shown in their verbal spats. Usually ending with a cutting comment delivered impeccably by Beacham. Heston reports he took on this role after learning Stanwyck would play his sister. The cast both praise and report learning from this wonderful and experienced much older actress.

Connie even found time for a cowboy love interest. Hutch Corrigan (Joseph Campanella), with Sable “concerned” this “rodeo bum” was an extortionist. She told nothing of her family’s wealth to him, and he respected her in this. After her identity discovered (through Sable’s machinations) the pair break up. Only to reunite. In Series 2 (off-screen), they meet up with Philip Colby, Jeff’s father. In India (as you do). Then the pair board a plane and then are killed in a plane crash  in mysterious circumstances…

After series one, Stanwyck was reportedly deeply unhappy her role development. She left before the second series calling the show a “turkey” and “the biggest pile of garbage I ever did”. Leaving after plots including rape, divorce, extra marital affairs, a shooting, murder, two love triangles, weddings and paternity suits. Stanwyck missing in series 2, long-lost “fathers”, more weddings, defecting Russian ballet dancers, long-lost kids, more paternity suits and deceptions.  Not forgetting possibly the craziest ending to a soap ever. And in case you need a wee reminder to quote the meme, “I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens”.

Weeper Rating: 😦  😦  😦 😦  😦 😦  😦  /10

Handsqueeze Rating: 🙂 🙂 🙂  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 /10

Hulk Ratingmrgreen‎  mrgreen‎   mrgreen‎   mrgreen‎   mrgreen‎ /10


2nd Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon 2019 No 2

This post was added to the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood and Maddy Loves Her Classic Films 2nd Remembering Barbara Stanwyck blogathon. Other reviews with this cast include Charlton Heston in Earthquake. Stephanie Beacham stars in Dracula AD 1972. Katharine Ross starred in Voyage of the Dammed, The Swarm and The Graduate. Maxwell Caulfield in Grease 2 and Tributing Tab Hunter.  Richardo Montalban in Fantasy Island. Michael Parks and David Hedison both starred in North Sea Hijack aka ffolkes..


16 thoughts on “TV… The Colbys (1985-87)

  1. Barbara Stanwyck in a soap opera? Sign me up to watch this! I have never seen this and really want to now. I do love me some 80’s soaps. While she may not have enjoyed working on this, I’ve no doubt that she gave the role her all, just as she always did. Thanks for joining our blogathon, Gill.

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  2. Great choice for the Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon! We forget that Stanwyck’s career lasted a long long time and that she was so versatile and she did excellent, professional work until the end of her life. I was a child of the 80’s and a HUGE fan of Dallas and Dynasty and Falcon Crest. My mom and I used to watch all of those every single week. We never really got into The Colby’s, though. I guess it just came too late in the game when those kinds of family melodramas were beginning to fall out of popularity.

    Tam May
    The Dream Book Blog

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  3. Yes, such an insane ending. Not the only show to just really go for it once the cancellation became obvious, but certainly one of the cases I most admire. I wish Stanwyck had stayed, but THE COLBYS came along a little too late in the soap cycle; by 1985 COSBY had made sitcoms the rage again. I watched this one mainly for my fellow Texan Tracy Scoggins, who could have had me watching anything back in the day. 🙂 Great post.

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  4. You have sparked my nostalgic passion for the 80s—I was a huge fan of both Dynasty and The Colbys. John James as Jeff? And Maxwell Caulfield? Be still my heart! Plus the wonderful Stephanie Beacham, the legendary Heston and Stanwyck, my beloved Stepford wife Katharine Ross…and though I did like Emma Samms ( who I originally watched on the US soap opera General Hospital) I must admit I preferred Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon. But The Colbys was such a guilty pleasure, I never missed it growing up!

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