BLOGATHON… The Adoring Angela Lansbury Blogathon Update


Still time to join a blogathon on that household name from films, Broadway and TV…


There’s 22 days to go til (at least) 22 bloggers from far and wide recount Angela Lansbury in her many roles.


Top 10 Angela Lansbury Performances, The Ferryman



Angela Lansbury, a name many of us remember from that detective role as author, Jessica Fletcher solving murders in Murder She Wrote (1984-96). Or from her film roles in Agatha Christie adaptations as Miss Marple in The Mirror Crack’d (1980) or as a potential suspect in Death on the Nile (1978). Or providing her voice work for animations such as Beauty and the Beast (1991) or from her performances on Broadway…

This accomplished award winning actress approaching her 94th birthday and 75th year in showbiz. She’s nowthe leading lady for my first blogathon of 2019. For those of you learning  about this blogathon, just for the first time not to worry.

The blogathon runs for three days in February from the 15th to the 17th. There is still plenty of time to add your intended choice of post be from her illustrious career… or if you want to write about her in a different way I’m open to suggestions. Just send them here for approval first…

Then send me a link to your post on any of the three days of her blogathon and I will add to it the post once I get it. As there’s more than quite a few blogathons kicking off around then I am happy to accept earlier submissions. These reviews however wont be promoted here til the big day…

So CLICK HERE to read the rules and to add a banner to your post…

HERE to find out which for her work is still available to write about….

and HERE to find out more on her filmography…

But if Angela Lansbury isn’t your thing, tune in on Realweegiemidget reviews for a blogathon announcement at the beginning of February for a blogathon on an upcoming Birthday Boy….


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