BLOGATHON… Announcing the James Garner Blogathon


Come and tribute with me a blogathon about the acting art of James Garner…


Announcing the blogathon on the man who played Jim Rockford, Maverick and much more.


James Garner – Top 30 Highest Rated Movies, Top 10 Charts


Recently, I was torn with the ultimate film blogger’s dilemma on who or what to celebrate in my first blogathon for the 2020s. My choices included Cold War Movies as I’d just seen The Tamarind Seed (1974), a film with the dulcet Northern English tones of Anthony Quayle.

Quayle’s performance even puts Omar Sharif’s more renowned sexier accent in the shade. The film also had the added bonus of my fave soundtrack composer, John Barry.  Barry the composer behind many a James Bond theme, Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) and Somewhere in Time (1980)…

Actor and actress themed choices included the illustrious Sir John Mills and his acting dynasty (including The Colbys (1985-87) and Maxwell Caulfield, Juliet Mills’s acting husband) which was also on my radar.

I also had up until then been toying with the idea of tributing actor James Garner. Just because… So I decided to let you lovely readers and bloggers decide on the winner (cue drum roll) James Garner.. so if anyone doing any of these other topics soon, please let me know.



James Garner is one of those actors I was brought up watching on the telly, but I’ve sadly not seen him on the big screen. Recently I saw him (again) as Doris Day’s often beleaguered husband in The Thrill of it All (1963) as Kym Karath’s dad. This is in her pre-Gretl Sound of Music (1965) role.

Like most 70s kids, I watched The Great Escape (1963) on Christmas telly. This film is probably one of my first introductions to this actor. Garner was remembered for more than his acting skills due to my current thing for actors in a chunky jumper. Expect a tag post on this one day, if I can talk a certain quirky blogger into joining me.

In the 1980s, I stayed up late to watch him in repeats in his telly role as Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files (1974-80). Here Garner shone as the series lead as Jim Rockford, a maverick private eye. This private eye show is always remembered for the iconic theme tune… and his never-ending answerphone messages.

But now the series is where I can find some great blogathon choices, with guest stars including everyone from Lauren Bacall to Larry Hagman. More recently I saw him in The Notebook (2004), which wasn’t my thing. I adored Garner’s character and found him the best thing about it.

A few months ago, I was dumbfounded and flattered to notice Garner’s daughter Gigi was following me on Twitter. I was truly touched by this gesture and returned the compliment. So this means I’m more than super happy to announce a blogathon in her acting father’s honour.

After talking to her behind the scenes (so to speak), she has also agreed to an interview with me as part of this blogathon. Gigi will tell us more about The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund which she has started in honour of her late father, a man who loved to care for rescue dogs. For this reason and out of respect to Garner himself, I am therefore stressing if you don’t like the film or TV choice for this blogathon that you ask to change this topic and do not submit it.

I am only accepting positive reviews that are respectful to Garner and his personal and professional life.  If you feel you can’t write a positive review or dislike Garner, this is not the blogathon for you.

Now for those crucial blogathon details. The James Garner: He Thrilled in Them All Blogathon will be run for three days from the 3rd to the 5th of February 2020. I’m allowing only up to two topic choices per reviewer and up to 3 duplicates per topic.

If you select The Rockford Files or any of his long term TV roles, where I’m only accepting one review per episode /double bill. Unless you are planning on writing a list about this show. A list of his film and TV appearances can be found HERE

If you are not a blogger and want to add a review then please get in touch with me about a guest post. This must be before the blogathon starts so we can arrange a submission time.  This is so I can have time to check your post, add pictures and a trailer and then add it to this blog if it fits the below criteria.


My choice for this blogathon is:

An Interview with Gigi Garner on the James Garner Animal Rescue Fund

As always I’ll be adding a Who’s Doing What page… click HERE to find out what bloggers have selected.


The all important rules…

And love you lovely lot of  bloggers to join me….or anyone else who wants to celebrate James Garner,

  1. You can review ANY of his films, theatre or TV appearances.
  2. You can write about his life only if you are respectful of the topic and when writing about James Garner.
  3. I will allow just the three duplicates for each topic, movie or TV Show.
  4. Review choices can be added as a comment on this page or you can contact me on my Contact Me page  – either way please add the name and URL of your blog along with your movie or TV choice. Or you can send me a Direct Message on Twitter. Please add the year if it’s a film or TV show.
  5. Add your Twitter handle so I can promote your post.
  6. You can only use new posts or new reviews.
  7. A full list of blogs, podcasters and review choices will be posted on my who’s doing what page and updated regularly.
  8. Send your link to your post/podcast/video to me on the days of the blogathon. Guest posts must send their posts to me about 5 days before this date.
  9. Guest posts sent without my agreement or sent after this date will not be included.
  10.  Have fun!


Now send me your request and once I’ve oked it, please do add one of the banners below on your blog.





Look forward to hearing from you…!

59 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Announcing the James Garner Blogathon

  1. I’ve (finally!) settled on “Maverick” 1957-1961. I’d like to write a piece on three episodes that highlight James Garner’s range and why this series made him a star: Seed of Deception, The Rivals, and The Saga of Waco Williams.

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  2. Celebrating James Garner, what a splendid idea!

    Put me in for Victor/Victoria, please. That should be fun.

    Looking forward to it, thanks for hosting!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Always loved James Garner. Oddly, I have appreciated him much more as an adult. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Despite his amazing body of work, “Murphy’s Romance” – from his latter years, somehow encompassed most of the qualities I associate with Garner. In that role, his maturity, wisdom, (still fabulously) good looks, and albeit gentlemanly machismo- just so JAMES GARNER. 💙 I recall seeing Sally Field – probably on one of the nightly talk shows saying something about the first time they kissed for that movie. She was absolutely impressed – even more so than she expected. This, from the woman who dated Burt Reynolds for years. 😂 I need to try to find that interview somewhere. It spoke volumes about the overall appeal and charisma of James Garner.

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  4. Okee dokee. I’m a friend of Bill so I’m going to pick one I’m sure no one else will, (maybe even one no one else has even heard of.) “My Name is Bill W.” a movie based on the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W. and Dr. Bob S. (Garner plays Dr. Bob)

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  5. As someone who grew up watching The Rockford Files I’m pleased you’re going to honour the great James Garner. I would like to get involved but I’m not sure what I’d write about. One of his films, an episode of The Rockford Files? Maybe his support for the Oakland Raiders football team. I’ll have a think about it.

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  6. Skin Game was one of my absolute favorite movies as I have most of it memorized (due to the fact that it came out before VCRs and I taped it on cassette tape and would listen to it over and over). If that’s taken…. I like “Support your local Sheriff”

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  7. Thanks so much for organizing this and including me! I’m a big fan of Garner. If there aren’t already too many duplicates, could I get Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)? I’d also love to write about My Fellow Americans (1996) if we’re allowed more than one entry. Let me know if either are available, and thanks again for getting this together. Sounds really fun! (@CelluloidDame on Twitter)

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  8. Hi there! Can I still join in on the James Garner fun? If so, I’d love to write about Boys’ Night Out (1962)! I just bought the DVD, so it would be the perfect chance for me to review it! Thanks!

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