BLOGATHON… And there are more in the 3rd Hammer and Amicus Blogathon!!!


No way, but yes it’s the next to final day…


We’re already half way through remembering those stars from Amicus and Hammer in your films, TV and more.



Yesterday my co-host, Barry from Cinematic Catharsis and I celebrated those Hammer and Amicus films with some sterling entries to this blogathon. And today we are back with more of the same with some fabulous reviews of films and TV of all sorts.  I’ve added comments to those of you in both Day 1 and today’s post, and have now caught up and commented on those posts I’ve missed last night.

We have had a wild collection of actors and actresses reviewed so far in films and TV that haven’t always been horror. These include Cybil Shepherd, Susan Strasberg, Vera Miles and Helen Shapiro and there are those with a slice of horror (and sometimes found in the kitchen), including Ian Ogilvy, Christopher Lee, David Warner and Robert Hardy… and tune in to Day 1 to discover some great reads.

There are enticing reads from both new and previous participants for this annual blogathon – that skipped a year – on a wide range of Hammer and Amicus movies and television and so far as well as the more traditional Hammer and Amicus horrors, we’ve had musicals and mysteries, both books and films and a wide range of worldwide stars in some exotic and non so exotic locations.

If you are still keen to join us for the blogathon, remember it’s the final day tomorrow. We are still accepting review choices. But I suggest you make your choice known to me and to Barry at Cinematic Catharsis so that you have a good chance of it being accepted before the final day. We are not accepting posts that haven’t been approved as it’s not fair on others.


And onto today’s lovely lot…

First up is Films from Beyond the Time Barrier with his post about Hammer’s Journey to the Unknown (1968-69) along with a review of two episodes…


Taking Up Room adds her thoughts about The Black Glove / Face the Music (1954).


Hammer and Beyond shares his post about The Vengeance of She (1968).


That’s Cool, That’s Trash! enlightens us in their podcast about the delightfully titled It’s Trad, Dad! / Ring-A-Ding Rhythm! (1962).


Caftan Woman adds her always charming review, this time on Taste of Fear / Scream of Fear (1961)…


Silver Screen Suppers adds Peter Cushing’s Beetroot and Onion Supper Special and her book Supper with the Stars with your Host Vincent Price (2021) with Peter Fuller to the blogathon…


Andrew from Maniacs and Monsters adds Wake Wood (2009) to night’s posts…


A Shroud of Thoughts adds his review on Dr Terror’s House of Horrors (1965)…


And there are more to come… so do come back and look out for those Twitter updates…


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