BLOGATHON… Welcome to the Other Than A Bond Girl Blogathon


Celebrating the careers of a dozen lovelies who bonded with James Bond in more ways than one…


It’s Day 1 with a stunning lineup of Bond girls acting their wee hearts out but not in Bond films.



Just under two months ago, my James Bond loving co-host, Gabriela – of Pale Writer – and I announced the James Bond blogathon with a twist… As instead of a second year perusing those Bond actors in even more films and TV, we decided on a wee variation to this theme. This year after very little deliberation, we decided it was the turn to honour the Bond girl.

Eagle eyes will have noted that there are many, many Bond girls associated with the men who played Bond from Ursula Andress to Lea Seydoux, and different Bond girls of different types from lover to wife to enemy’s honeypot, so we narrowed this number down to 12 lovely ladies. So we picked one actress each as associated with each of the six Bonds we’ve tributed before… and here is the list…

No offence is meant for those who didn’t make the final twelve. But if you take a wee wander through this site you will find actresses who played Bond girls in everything and everything including 70s TV series, Brat Pack Movies, Disaster films and Agatha Christie adaptations… and that’s just Tanya Roberts, Lois Chiles, Barbara Carrera and Britt Ekland for starters… and here are those lovelies…

Sean Connery… Honor Blackman and Luciana Paluzzi

George Lazenby… Diana Rigg and Joanna Lumley

Roger Moore… Caroline Munro and Barbara Bach

Timothy Dalton… Maryam D’Abo and Carey Lowell

Pierce Brosnan… Teri Hatcher and Sophie Marceau

Daniel Craig… Monica Bellucci and Eva Green

Over the next few days, we are looking at these actresses’ wonderful filmographies with the help of some wonderful bloggers. These bloggers have delved into these ladies’ careers and there are no duplicate choices (so far).

You are invited to join this blogathon as a last minute reviewer or as a reader or both. If you want to join, CLICK HERE for all the details with the rules, banners and useful links. The Who’s Doing What page is HERE… if you want to see those films and TV which have been chosen so far. And if you have entered and have suddenly remembered about your intended post, no worries just let me or Gabriela know you are running late.

If James Bond villains are more your thing, then watch this space as we are considering doing this topic next year… and remember to keep a look out as later this year we are tributing an actor who could and should have been in this neverending franchise…

Now for those wonderful posts and just click on the blue links to read those reviews…


From me here at Realweegiemidget Reviews is my post about a TV Movie, The Six Million Dollar Man: The Solid Gold Kidnapping (1973) starring Sean Connery’s Bond Girl from Thunderball, Luciana Paluzzi


The Stop Button adds his post about The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009) with Monica Bellucci who starred with Daniel Craig in Spectre


Taking Up Room tells us more about Penny Parker in MacGyver (1985-92) with Teri Hatcher who starred with Pierce Brosnan in Tomorrow Never Dies


Remember to tune in to days 2 and 3… with more actresses, more movies and more love for this franchise…

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