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Here’s Jack… Update on his 80th Birthday Blogathon

Here's Jack Blogathon : The Update... Jack Nicholson will be 80 soon, so celebrating it here on Realweegiemidget Reviews with a not so wee blogathon.. 

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Dallas (1978-91), Conundrum

Conundrum, The Original End to the Ewing Saga in Dallas (1991)... Reviewing the finale to the original TV series in a feature length double bill episode. J.R. Ewing is on the verge of suicide and is invited to see what happened to his family if he hadn't never been born, by a mysterious white tuxedo wearing stranger.

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Outlander (2014-), Through a Glass Darkly, S2, Ep1

Main Features No 43 The Return of the Sassenach. So it's back, with the highly anticipated review from me on the series that introduced us to time travelling Claire and the Tartan Totty. (Totty being a good looking chap to prevent confusion to the readers.)

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The Inbetweeners (2008-10)

Main Feature No 41 Yearning for those Painful Adolescent Years? Back to school in an adult comedy which is guaranteed to make you feel empathy for our four TV heroes ... but it comes with a healthy dollop of embarrassment too.