BLOGATHON… Announcing the Robin Williams Blogathon 2018!


Inviting you to three dates in the company of Robin Williams…


Another joint blogathon, this time with the lovely Crystal of In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood.


Top 10 Robin Williams Performances,


Just recently I was asked by the lovely Crystal of In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood to join her in hosting a blogathon about the actor and comedian Robin Williams. Robin Williams, the star in that wonderful film Awakenings  (1990), The Fisher King (1991), Dead Poets Society (1989) and of course his TV appearances such as in Mork & Mindy (1978-82).

I jumped at the chance to honour him in his movie and television career. And (of course) for the chance to work alongside lovely Crystal. I am now formally inviting you to join us in the Robin Williams Blogathon on 29 – 31st January 2018.

In the blogathon, we’d love reviews of his acting career as a film and TV actor in any of his roles large or small. Along with anything about any aspect of his life such as about Robin Williams as a person, his career, his stand up shows or his voiceover work.

However, out of respect for Robin and his family, we are not accepting reviews about his passing. We are accepting no more than 3 duplicates relating to all entries. So here are our choices and as posts come in I’ll be adding a Who’s Doing What page.. with a link here.

And here’s the rules…

We’d like you to:

  1. Review any movies in which Robin Williams appeared OR
  2. Review any TV Series or a specific episode from his TV Career OR;
  3. His work as a voice actor is also included OR
  4. Any aspect of his life or career, but information on his death must not be written about in any way.

And please note,

  1. The link to the review/post must be sent to me at Realweegiemidget Reviews or Crystal at In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. Please send these to us on any day and we both will publish the entries as we get them.
  2. We will allow no more than 3 duplicates and 3 entries per person.
  3. Add one of the banners to your site and add this to your post.
  4. Please include your Twitter handle and Facebook page if you have one, the name of your site along with your review choice. Just so as I can promote your post here, there and everywhere!
  5. We allow guest posts – if you want to add a post and don’t have a blog we’ll publish it on one of our sites. My guest posts will be added HERE.
  6. All posts will be published on the Blogathon dates between 29th and 31st January and a recap will be added after this.
  7. Have fun and be creative!


And to get things rolling here’s our choices:

Crystal from In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood Dead Poets Society (1989) & TBA.

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews... Awakenings (1990)


To give you some inspiration, for a list of Robin Williams’ career in film or TV please CLICK HERE and for more of his work as a producer and more CLICK HERE.


Also a big thanks to Crystal for creating our wonderful banners… Looking forward to hearing from you and celebrating the life and times of this wonderful man.







42 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Announcing the Robin Williams Blogathon 2018!

  1. Hi Gill. I’ve signed up with Crystal to review Dead Poets Society. Looking forward to reading all the posts for Robin. I miss him so much. This is lovely of you two to do this blogathon. Hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year to you.

  2. So glad Williams is the topic of interest for your Blogathon
    I would like to focus on a couple of his supporting roles: Dead Again; August Rush; & one other….still debating the last one. This is great. Thank you both for hosting 😊

  3. Hi, Gill! This is such a great idea. I was thinking “The Final Cut,” “Good Morning, Vietnam,” and Robin as Teddy Roosevelt in the “Museum” movies. I may have to back out on one or more of these, though–I’m going to get two of them out of the library, and you know how library DVDs can be. 😛

  4. I have a lot of things to talk about Robin… and his TV series Mork and Mindy! Can’t wait for the event!

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