Happy Belated New Year Y’all


And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too…


My better late than never post about that recent holiday season.


24 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away In 2018, Looper


Some of you may have noticed that sadly over the holiday season that my blogathon entries were cancelled and there was a severe lack of posts from this blogger. As literally, just before the holiday season started my computer broke.

After borrowing my Darlin’ Husband’s recently mended one the t and y keys stopped working, then the capital letters. Luckily however the other functions remained with this leading to me spending my time redesigning the blog and adding some revamped pictures. There was naturally lots of swearing as well.

Luckily, my post about the Robin Williams blogathon was written. Additionally, my recently started Follow Friday tag on Jeff Goldblum on Twitter didn’t involve using these letters. After a lot of tears and cutting and pasting later, my Christmas pressie from Darlin’ Husband arrived at the weekend, and it was a computer. (At least one nation cheers).

On which I am typing away now, with more than a few posts in my head, on paper and hopefully not in the bin. Apologies again if I missed your blogathon and/or sounded a bit weird in my comments to you, on Twitter, on Facebook and right here… Thanks for sticking around.

I’d like to thank all my readers, likers, followers and commenters for your lovely support in 2017 (and before this). I still can’t believe that so many of you are following my wee random blog, sharing my posts and joining my blogathons.

I’ve now passed the milestone of 1,500 followers on Twitter which still shocks me. Even more exciting news is that even been approached by some of you with regards to promoting your work. I’ve recently written about one of the Simpsons animators, Chance Raspberry who contacted me about his latest project.

His promotion is now ongoing – and thanks for your support – click here for more details on this if you don’t know what I’m burbling about – and I managed to procure a wee exclusive interview with him here. I  think this even earned me some cool stepmum points.

This year after the Michael Caine and Robin Williams blogathon, I’ve another big joint blogathon to be announced in March. Also another one (or poss 2) later this year. As it’s going to be another Marvel-lous year (I do try to promise not to use this pun again) expect a few superheroes reviews, some more blogathon entries here and there, posts with a random twist, and more from that streaming service.

Check out the slide show of my Coming Soon posts on the front page – in the wee columns underneath the front page posts – for those posts that will turn up this year… Here are the links to those coming soon and all-important blogathons, just click on the actor’s name you are interested in to enter either of these blogathons.. on the one and only Michael Caine and Robin Williams.

So stay tuned… and once more thanks for your support today, yesterday and always! You Rock!!!


8 thoughts on “Happy Belated New Year Y’all

    • All is well…busy, busy…but that keeps me out of mischief (well, if only…ha ha). I’m still keen on the chocolate swap – had one to send to you before Christmas and that poor thing never made it to the post office and felt so neglected that someone just had to eat it when there was no other chocolate in the house 🙂

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