BLOGATHON… The Robin Williams Blogathon Update


Just over two weeks for a tribute to this actor…


Welcoming more participants in this blogathon – you can enter by blog, video and podcast.


Robin Williams Best Scenes, Jeffrey Remé nou dé glasson


The blogathon honouring Robin Williams is nearly here. This post is just a wee reminder that the lovely Crystal from In Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood and I are holding our first (and hopefully not the last) joint blogathon. All you lovely bloggers and podcasters are invited to join in the fun and celebrating Robin Williams life in film and TV between the 29th and 31st January this year.

So far despite only announcing it on the 30th of December last year, we’ve an amazing 11 bloggers interested in writing about his movies and TV. Movies such as Good Morning Vietnam (1987) and TV roles in Mork and Mindy. These to more recent films such as August Rush (2007).

Everyone seems super excited about it, with one of Robin’s co-stars from Awakenings (1989) retweeting about it recently. Sending a wee thanks to Penelope Ann Miller for this wonderful (and unexpected) endorsement.

If you want to join us there is plenty of time to watch one of his movies and write about it.. or as a podcaster to talk about his movies. Or do a video entry if that’s your medium. Just remember to send us a link to your work on one of the blogathon days and use one of Crystal’s wonderful banners.

If you want to join and need some ideas… here’s a list of Robin Williams’ career in film or TV HERE and for more of his work as a producer and more CLICK HERE. And hope to hear from more of you soon…

For a wee reminder of those rules and the announcing post… CLICK HERE.

For the who’s doing what in the blogathon… CLICK HERE


Remember to use one of the banners below…






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