BLOGATHON… Happy Birthday Michael Caine on this your (possible) Blogathon’s Final Day


Celebrating his 85th Birthday in Style with lovely Michael Caine…


Possibly the final of the Birthday tributes for this versatile Cockney actor.



So its the (possible) final day and it has come around superquickly… I’m more than happy to say Happy Birthday to Michael Caine. This the final day of the Michael Caine blogathon. The blogathon so far has had 8 posts on Monday and 9 more posts yesterday!

Posts yesterday included Caine’s roles in well-known films such as The Italian Job (1969) and little known roles such as The Wrong Box (1966).

So if you are late to the party CLICK HERE for Day 1 of the Blogathon and HERE for Day 2. And read on for even more fantastic tributes to Michael Caine in many more of his films. Just click on the film title to read more…

Kicking of the posts today my post from here at Realweegiemidget Reviews on 5 Mini Michael Caine Retro Reviews


Barry P from Cinematic Catharsis adds his review and thoughts on Michael Caine in The Hand (1981)…


Classic Film and TV Cafe adds his thoughts on Funeral in Berlin (1966)…


Love Letters to Old Hollywood tells us more about Michael Caine’s Nigel Powers in Goldmember (2002)…


Silver Screenings celebrates Caine in Sleuth (1972)…


Emma K Wall adds her post all about Jaws The Revenge (1987)…


Movie Rob adds his final post on Blame it on Rio (1984).


Return to the 80s shares two posts with one on Michael Caine in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)…


and Return to the 80s adds another one on Quotes from the man himself from his 1980s movies


That’s that so far… and all will be commented on and shared. And tune in for the final of all final posts tomorrow!

But just before the post’s most important task of this evening a wee Realweegiemidget gitter. I’d like to say that throughout this blogathon I’ve read and loved all your wonderful posts. I’ve adored these touching tributes to so many Michael Caine Movies, bringing back so many wonderful memories of Caine in so many, much-loved films.

I’m making this a yearly tribute to the lovable Cockney, and I’d like to invite you all to join me with the 2nd Marvellous Michael Caine blogathon 2019. Which I hope to hold around his birthday time next year…but will definitely happen!

But in the meantime… we’re lighting the candles of the cake, and Michael Caine if you are reading this Happy Birthday Sir! Thank you so much for everything (including and especially for those 1980s guilty pleasures that bought you houses, house extensions, swimming pools etc).

Your many, many, many more…your performances have made me cry, laugh and smile. Thanks for everything so far and still to come and Happy Birthday!


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20 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Happy Birthday Michael Caine on this your (possible) Blogathon’s Final Day

  1. Thanks for hosting this. Awesome that it’s going to be a yearly event. 🙂

    It would be awesome if Michael read this and saw how much he and his films are loved.

    • Been sharing my posts with the links with him on Twitter, although it is unclaer whether he has read them one of your Stats just might be him. After all, had some lovely likes and comments from some of the Dallas cast after my first blogathon on this topic (also making a reappearance this year!)

    • It would be amazing if he read all the posts. That’s fantastic about the Dallas cast.

  2. I’m primarily a sports blogger, but I’ve always also been a classic film fan. On my own page, I’ve written a lot about the cross-over between film and sport. Now that I’m starting to discover the classic film blog community, I’m looking forward to being part of a William Holden Blog-A-Thon next month. I was bummed I just found out about this one, but f this is going to be a yearly event, is it too early to call dibs on “Victory?” 🙂

  3. I am so sorry I missed this! 😦 I was down to do a review of ‘Alfie’ but we’ve been away on a family holiday and lost wifi while away. My sincerest apologies! But at least I have a review on hand for this blogathon next year. Look forward to reading the reviews here. Best regards, Paul from Silver Screen Classics

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