BLOGATHON… Day 2 brings more Marvellous Michael Caine movies


Tonight, Michael Caine is possibly getting his shirt ironed for his birthday do tomorrow…


Here in Realweegiemidget Reviews blogathon we are continuing to celebrate his career in movies.



Yesterday the first day of the Marvellous Michael Caine blogathon went off to a terrific start. This with some wonderful heart warming posts from some 8 lovely bloggers. If you missed these posts and want to read more… CLICK HERE for those posts on films such as The Ipcress File (1965) and X. Y and Zee (1972).

Now before I start gittering, here’s today’s lovely contributions. Remember to tune in tomorrow for the final day as we celebrate Michael Caine’s birthday with him. As tomorrow the final day of the blogathon…. and there is still time to enter with all the details if you CLICK HERE…

Chris Cooper from Angelman’s Place in the second of two posts shares his views on Caine in Deathtrap (1982).


What the Craggus Saw shares his post on Without a Clue (1988)…


Erin from Cinematic Scribblings tells us about Caine’s role in The Wrong Box (1966)…


Movie Rob adds his 2nd post of 3 all about The Fourth Protocol (1987)…


Giles from Sometimes They Go to Eleven tells us more of Michael Caine in Play Dirty (1969).


Taking Up Room adds her second post on Secondhand Lions (2003)


Thoughts All Sorts tells us of her Impressions of Michael Caine


Katrina from Life’s Daily Lessons Blog gives us her insights into Michael Caine in Little Voice (1998)…


and Graduated Cylinder from Shameless Pile of Stuff shares his post of Michael Caine in The Italian Job (1969).


Tune in tomorrow for the Final Day and Michael Caine’s 85th birthday!!!

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