BLOGATHON… The last of the Michael Caine Blogathon tributes


After tuning into my blog this morning, found more lovely entries for my Michael Caine blogathon…


Here’s your chance to shine in the final post for this blogathon.



Late, last night, Finnish time I went to bed, tired but happy that Michael Caine had a wonderful Birthday blogathon.  I knew there would be a few latecomers – due to time zones, unexpected activities, etc –  and I’d find more lovely posts waiting to be read,  and I did! Yay!

With one spotted just before I crashed out and then a few more tribute posts trickling in during the wee small hours and here they are. To those of you who have had to withdraw due to illness and/or other circumstances, hope you feel better soon and hope you can join in next year.. as I’ve now decided to make this a now yearly blogathon.

My possible choice, (so far) looking at Educating Rita (1983) in more depth I did than this year’s contribution here with another 4 of Caine’s retro movies). If you have missed any of the fun so far here are those links from earlier days…  and click on those days to find more Marvellous Michael Caine film reviews… Day 1, Day 2  and Day 3.


Le from Cinematic Retro shares her post on The Italian Job (1969)…


Debbie from Moon in Gemini adds her take on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)…


Mike’s Take On The Movies tells us about Educating Rita (1983)


Amanda from Old Hollywood Films shares her views on Zulu (1964).


Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers tells us about Michael Caine’s My Generation Documentary and the Questions and Answers session. And gives us some great Michael Caine related recipes…


and finally, in another of Michael Caine’s more unique birthday tributes, I was contacted by my Twitter follower Thomas W Hunter aka The Anagram Hunter with 12 wee anagram puzzles for you…


Tune in regularly for more from Michael Caine (as I’ll add to this post)…

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