BLOGATHON… The Final Day of All Films Kurt Russell


A big thanks to all you wonderful entrants out there…


And to my co-host with the most, Return to the 80s, its been a pleasure.



So its the final day already, with 15 (so far) wonderful bloggers joining us – that’s me and Return to the 80s in our blogathon on the lovely Kurt Russell. We’ve had entries from way back in his career such as And the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) to the more recent, Sky High (2005) .

I’d like to thank those of you who’ve sent in your links so far. I’ve learnt so much about these movies from all different angles and its been so lovely reading your views on films such as The Mean Season (1985) and Silkwood (1983).

But enough of my gittering I’ll save all that for the recap…

And if you add your post after I go to bed late Finnish time, your post will be added here.. and this means do keep popping back if you (like me) reading all these posts.

And for those of you who want more… Day 1 posts here and Day 2 posts there.

And if this has got you thinking “ooh I’d love to join a blogathon” do join me and Cinematic Catharsis for our Hammer and Amicus Blogathon here.. and look out for my update post later this week

And if this not your kinda blogathon, remember they did do more than horror…

Tune in for my recap soon and look out for some brand new blogathon news by the end of next month… as I’ve another wee collaboration coming up with a lovely leading lady. And one of the lovely bloggers who joined this blogathon is joining me…

So now onto today’s posts..


First off, we have The UN-Titled Blog with his lovely tribute to Kurt Russell, as the International Treasure that he is in a number of his movies…


Next up Shameless Pile of Stuff tells us of Kurt Russell’s romantic comedy Overboard (1987)


The wonderful Vinnie h tells us his take on Escape from New York (1981)…


Movie Rob shares his final post on Stargate (1994)…


Taking Up Room joins us with her views on Soldier (1998)..


Thoughts All Sorts tells us her thoughts on Kurt Russell in Tombstone (1993)


Le from Critica Retro adds her lovely post on Follow Me Boys (1966)…


I’ll be adding posts as I get them so keep tuning in Kurt Russell lovers…. and tune in soon for the recap!

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