BLOGATHON… See what names ring a bell in the last of the blogathon entries


The swan song to the Pop Stars blogathon is here…


These are the final posts of this lineup of musical greats.



It’s come around again, with today being the final day of the Pop Stars Moonlighting blogathon. There’s been an amazing musical lineup with more than a few names from every decade from the 1950s to just a few years ago.

As so far this blogathon has featured some big names in music as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Vanilla Ice and Lady Gaga. Today is no exception, with this the final all-star lineup makes up a list as long and talented as the number of acts in Live Aid (some exaggeration intended) and shows some surprising musicians don’t just sing…

I’d like to thank you all who’ve read, commented or participated in this blogathon or liked and retweeted these posts. I’m looking forward to reading and commenting on all the 19 entries (so far) I will also try again to leave comments for anyone from the James Garner Blogathon (which didn’t appear in your comments!).

After this blogathon, I’m taking a wee monthly break from writing reviews until the Vincent Price blogathon (HERE if you want to join). I’ve an important exam at the end of this month and then after that a few blogging award posts to catch up with and to officially accept. These are from some fab bloggers. So check my blog to see if you are one of my nominations…

I’ve also had an interview with the doubly talented Hollywood Genes to answer. So until then, I’m asking you now to stay safe and look after yourselves and your families wherever you are.

Keep tuning in to this post as I am accepting (and promoting) late entries.. and am expecting a few next week. So now on with the show…


Kicking things off,  Movie Movie Blog Blog II shares his post on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) with the Bee Gees



Kino Joan brings us up to date with the latest version of the film A Star is Born (2018) with Lady Gaga


Movie Rob adds Then She Found Me (2007), another film in Bette Midler‘s filmography…



Moon in Gemini reveals all about her thoughts of Tom Waits and jazz musician John Lurie in Down By Law (1986)…


The Flapper Dame tells us more about an appearance from KISS in the TV Movie KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park aka KISS in Attack of the Phantoms (1978)…



A Scunner Darkly reveals his pop star choice as Chris Isaak in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)…



Cinematic Catharsis writes about David Bowie in his movie The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)…



Critica Retro adds an all star line up including Lena Horne and Louis Armstrong in Cabin in the Sky (1946)…



Dubsism adds his thoughts on McVicar (1980) with Roger Daltrey



Tune in as I’ll be adding posts as I get them.. and check out Day 1’s posts HERE and Day 2’s HERE

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