NEWS… Announcing A Solo Blogathon for 2022, The Wilhelm Scream Blogathon



It’s time for another blogathon tribute with one that will make you scream with delight… 


The first of my blogathons of 2022 is dedicated to someone dear.


The Wilhelm Scream Compilation (Movies – TV Shows) (2019), Christopher Cherigo


For the first of possibly two blogathons which I’m running solo next year (2022), I’m dedicating this blogathon to someone in my life who would have been 90 earlier this year. I’m simply calling this person “Wilhelm”, as this was their nickname of choice from time to time. So what better way to honour this person than with the Wilhelm Scream Blogathon…

What’s a Wilhelm Scream, you ask…?

CLICK HERE and click the button that says WILHELM SCREAM…

Wikipedia defines the Wilhelm Scream as…

The Wilhelm scream is a stock sound effect that has been used in a number of films and TV series, beginning in 1951 with the film Distant Drums. The scream is usually used when someone is shot, falls from a great height or is thrown from an explosion.

Wikipedia adds its origins as…

The sound is named after Private Wilhelm, a character in The Charge at Feather River, a 1953 Western in which the character gets shot in the thigh with an arrow. This was its first use following its inclusion in the Warner Bros. stock sound library, although The Charge at Feather River is believed to have been the third film to use the effect. The scream is believed to be voiced by actor Sheb Wooley.

IMDb lists tons of appearances for the Wilhelm scream. It can be heard in films such as The Greatest Showman (2017), Django Unchained (2012), Deadpool 2 (2018), Men in Black (1997) and practically all those Indiana Jones films and Star Wars movies… just to name a few…

The rules are simple, review a film or TV Show where there is a Wilhelm Scream featured as part of the plot. In your review, please mention where this sound effect can be heard by adding a description of this scene or by adding the dialogue…

The blogathon is running from the 2nd to the 4th of March 2022 – and those of you who know “Wilhelm” will know the significance of one of those dates.  Please note there will be no duplicates allowed and I am not accepting previously published posts or derogatory ones.


Here are the rules…

  • I am not allowing any duplicates as this topic is pretty huge. You can however write about those review topics previously mentioned, but only if they are in a list or retrospective review.
  • Review choices can be added as a comment on this page or you can contact me on my Contact Me page  – please add the name of your blog along with your choice of movie or TV choice
  • I won’t accept posts that are uncomplimentary or disrespectful.
  • You can only add two posts for the blogathon and no duplicates.
  • Add your Twitter username so I can promote your post.
  • A full list of blogs and review choices will be posted on a separate page and updated regularly.
  • Only original and never before published posts will be accepted.
  • Send your link to me on the days of the blogathon.
  • I will be publishing all the links on both my WordPress blog.
  • I am not accepting derogatory posts or those plots with film or TV plots that are offensive in nature.


These are the chosen ones for review choices…

Realweegiemidget Reviews… Always (1989)

and the Who’s Doing What page is HERE


Important links…

Review choices eligible for this subject are HERE for films and more examples of all sorts can be found HERE.


Please add a banner to your post…


Hope to hear from you soon…


37 thoughts on “NEWS… Announcing A Solo Blogathon for 2022, The Wilhelm Scream Blogathon

  1. Hi This Is Emily for the Flapper Dame, I want to do the various screaming moments on the tv show The Secret Circle! Kind of Cringe-y- but I feel it was an important part of the show! (this may be a bit late for asking to enter, and I understand if it is!)

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  2. Hi Gill! Thanks for inviting me to join your blogathon! I apologize for the last minute notice, but I figured out what I will review! Either Fast and Furious 9 (F9) or Sailor Moon S: The Movie (the English dub).

    Liked by 1 person

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