BLOGATHON… It’s Time to Meet those Guest Stars and Blogathoners on the Muppet Show Blogathon tonight


It’s time to play the music…


The curtains have opened and the first day of Taking Up Room and my blogathon is here with some fabulous guests over the next three days.



Late last year, my annual and amazing co-host, Rebecca from Taking Up Room and I announced a very special blogathon. This was The Great Muppet Guest Star Caper (Blogathon), and in it, we are celebrating The Muppet Show and its groovy guest stars during the show’s run between 1976 to 1981. The Muppets’ Guest stars included a wealth of entertainment, from pop stars to film stars and including Roger Moore, Nancy Walker, Valerie Harper and even Big Bird from Sesame Street (1969-)…  so there’s someone for everyone (said she subtly hinting to potential entrants).

This blogathon was announced and it came with a wee twist in entering, with blogathon entrants choosing a guest star and something from their filmography. And the twist is that duplicates are only allowed from the filmography choices, but we are not allowing guest star duplicates…  Please note we are only allowing guest stars from this particular show and not the Muppet-themed films or later shows.

For example, it means that you can review Village of the Damned (1995) by choosing one of two Muppet Show guest stars. This is as the actors, Christopher Reeve and Mark Hamill appeared in both productions. This film was by coincidence my choice for the blogathon, so as Christopher Reeve is still available to review, do tell me if you are keen to review something starring Mark Hamill as I can happily swap guest stars… unless of course, Christopher Reeve is taken.

So far we have 21 reviews chosen – with a few with more than one Muppet guest star – and these are alphabetically listed HERE… and the blogathon is still open with around 100 of the Muppets Guest Stars up for grabs… and check out here for the rules and banners HERE and tell me or Rebecca of your choice, and remember it’s only once we ok it you can consider yourself in!

We’ve lots of sterling writers and reviews expected over the next few days, and here are the first of those fabulous guests and bloggers… so click on those BLUE links to reach the reviews.


It’s firstly over to my post about those spooky kids with Mark Hamill / Christopher Reeve in Village of the Damned (1995) at Realweegiemidget Reviews


Next up is  John Cleese starring in a cameo in The Great Muppet Caper (1981) as brought to the blogathon by 18 Cinema Lane


The Muppets theme continues with Terence at A Shroud of Thoughts adding Alice Cooper starring in The Muppet Show (1978)…


Pfeiffer Pfilms and Movies reviewed Candice Bergen in Rich and Famous (1981)…


And tune in today, tomorrow and the next day as there are more to come…

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