Bringing You Sunshine Awards, and You and You


Catching up with more than a few awards in part 1 (of 4)…


Tune in as it could be you, yes you are on my list of lovelies.



Due to a lull in Blogathons at the moment, I’m bringing some more much deserved blogging recognition to some fabulous writers. This with a Sunshine Award Nomination. Yes, I’m finally getting round to writing my blogging award thank you posts for those awards which I received over the last year (and possibly longer).

Quite a number of you bloggers have added me to your lists of nominees. So expect your thank you post in the next month or two. This is the first of my responses to these awards, and I hope this brings some sunshine to your day be you a nominator or nominee. This is the first of three posts and I’m sorry it took so long.

Today, I’d like to thank the first two of my nominators, Maniacs and Monsters and 18 Cinema Lane – these nominators picked at random from my to thank list – for the first of my Sunshine Awards… The rules for this award are below, so read on as I’ll also announce my fabulous writer nominees.

These blogs are just some fabulous reads you’ll find in the film blogger niche and I’d urge you to check out these bloggers. if you haven’t already. So resist the temptation to scroll down… (and that includes you! You know who you are…).



  1. List the award’s official rules
  2. Display the award’s official logo somewhere on your blog
  3. Thank the person who nominated you
  4. Provide a link to your nominator’s blog
  5. Answer your nominator’s questions
  6. Nominate up to 11 bloggers
  7. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  8. Notify your nominees by commenting on at least one of their blog posts.

Here’s your well deserved award.. sadly not given by a mega Hollywood film star (as thus abiding with lockdown rules!)

I’d like to thank those lovely bloggers for my awards, Maniacs and Monsters and 18 Cinema Lane...


Here are my answers to your questions…

18 Cinema Lane’s Questions…


What is the first thing you will do when the Coronavirus is behind us?

I would love to visit my family back home in Scotland for a few weeks (excluding quarantine time). I’d also like to go on holiday somewhere nice with my husband, as we’d hoped to do a trip together this year but sadly things didn’t work out as we planned.


Has there ever been a time when you thought a film adaptation was better than its source material? If so, what is it?

Answering this with reference to a TV Show instead… I adored finally seeing the first of those Dallas episodes on DVD years ago. I’d read about them in the tie in book but hadn’t seen them when they were on TV as surprisingly I hadn’t discovered the show from episode 1.



Which piece of lost media would you love to see found?

I’d love to see the alternative endings to Pretty in Pink (1986) and Misunderstood (1984). The latter is one of my favourite films and I read there was a feel-good ending to this film which I’d love to see. But admittedly I’m torn as this is such a good version.


Who was the last person to leave a comment on your blog?

Paddy Lee at Caftan Woman gets a wee surprise shout out for this.. I love getting her comments as she’s always so sweet, genuine and supportive, so if you reading this, a big thanks Paddy Lee!


Describe your dream blogging collaboration!

I’d love to interview Lee Grant about her life and her movies, she’s one of my favourite actresses. Or chat with Michael Caine because he seems a natural storyteller.



Is there an event you’d like to attend? If so, what is it?

I’d love to attend the 50 years of Dallas celebration in honour of my fave TV show. It’s 42 years this year since it all began this year.


What is your favorite beverage?

Root Beer or Ginger Beer and lime.


How long has your blog been around?

Nearly 5 years now which is a bit scary that I’ve been writing for so long, but I’m not giving it up any day soon. I’ve met so many lovely people during this time and I’ve also had the honour of some wonderful entertainment folk following, retweeting or liking my posts on Facebook and Twitter which was really exciting.


Provide a sneak peek for an upcoming post!

With a wee visual clue…

Alfie (1966)


When will your blog reach a major milestone?

I’m at just over 92,000 hits so I hope to get over 100,000 by the end of the year.


What is something that makes you feel happy?

My husband, banoffee pie and a good boxset / TV Series or film franchise.. preferably all at the same time. Also, the coronavirus infection rates seem to be going down!


and onto…

Maniacs and Monsters Questions

Screenshot from 2020-06-05 21-15-25


Do you consider yourself a fan of horror, adverse to horror, or a patron of any genre including horror if it is entertaining?

I like some horror films especially if they are from the 70s or Amicus anthologies. But not more recent films as some are a wee bit too gory for my liking.


What is the first horror film you remember watching and what was your reaction?

I’d probably add the kid’s film Watership Down (1978) from the 1970s to this list, although it was a kid’s cartoon I had nightmares for weeks after seeing it at the cinema. If that doesn’t count, then probably The Hand (1981) with Michael Caine, which was 1980s horror gold but more unintentionally funny than frightening and I have some great memories watching this with my dad.


What is your opinion of real world paranormal activities such as ghosts, spiritualism, UFOs, cryptozoology, or extrasensory perception?

I’d like to think there are such things as ghosts and spiritualism although it’s debatable. I really believed in spiritualism and the Doris Stokes books when I was much younger so my inner teen was quite disillusioned after reading about her “techniques” now.


Have you ever had what you believe to be a paranormal experience or at least an experience you could not explain?

I remember passing Lancaster (in England) on the train and believed I’d live there one day and I did. My lucky number is twelve and I once had to pick a number for a teacher at school, I picked twelve and she said a prize would go to the person who was twelfth in the class exam results.. which was also me.


If you were cast in a horror movie, which of the following roles would you want and why:

last girl/guy


fodder for the slaughter

evil genius/mad scientist/cult leader

tortured soul

kick-ass hero/military leader

creepy caretaker/gas station attendant/neighbour/sea captain

member of the faceless zombie/demon/alien horde

wise stranger that warned those reckless kids

I’d like to be the last girl as long as the last guy was my Darlin Husband and he also lived to tell the tale…


Horror films, much like comedies, have been historically ignored by the Oscars. What horror film or horror performance do you feel deserved, but did not receive, recognition by the Academy?

Shelley Duvall and Jack Nicholson for The Shining (1980).



Which subgenre of horror is most appealing to you (noting that these subgenres often overlap):

action horror

‘B’ movies/camp

body horror

comedy horror

disaster/natural horror


gothic horror

horror thriller


psychological horror

science fiction horror



supernatural horror

I love psychological horror and B Movies, with the latter especially if they have a great cast, were made in the 1970s and can be riffed by my husband.


Assuming you observe Halloween, describe a favourite costume (scary or otherwise) that you have worn. I dressed up once as.

Hit Girl from the Kick Ass (2010) movie. It would have been much better if more people had got the reference though.


What is your greatest fear/phobia?

I hate heights and rollercoasters.


You die only to awaken as a ghost, vampire, or zombie. What do you do?

Ghost, probably go back home and see people I care about…



Darkness falls across the land. The alien invasion has begun.  Civilization is collapsing.  The dead are returning from the grave.  Cthulhu is rising from his eternal slumber.  The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the ride.  It’s the end of the world.  You are among a small group boarding an experimental starship to escape to another galaxy.  You are allowed to bring any three items of your choosing.  What do you bring (and no fair bringing something ‘useful’)?

My husband, my Dallas (1978-91) boxsets (or The Americans (2013-18) ones) and a lifetime supply of Banoffee Pie.


Here are my 11 questions…

    1. If you could be in lockdown – and stuck in a house with them for 24 hours a day – with someone famous who would you pick and why…?
    2. A certain streaming service asks you which film franchise to add for lockdown viewing worldwide, which would you pick?
    3. If you could add all films with one particular actor or actress on this same streaming service, who would you pick and why?
    4. If you could delete all films with one particular actor or actress on this same streaming service, who would you pick and why?
    5. If you could pick 5 actors and actresses to be put on TV Live, to live in lockdown together for a month who would you choose?
    6. What film do you think deserves more recognition?
    7. What’s your favourite so bad its good movie?
    8. If you could give an Oscar to any actor or actress for a lifetime achievement award who would you pick (don’t answer the same person from your no 3 answer)?
    9. What’s your favourite film find since going into lockdown?
    10. What’s your favourite TV find since going into lockdown?
    11. Have you binged on any series or franchise since going into lockdown? Which ones?


and finally, the 11 nominees are…

These are my chosen lucky eleven and I’m adding these in no particular order…  but please don’t be discouraged if you haven’t got an award this time. There are still three posts to go…

The JHL Collective

Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies

Diary of a Movie Maniac

Poppity Talks Classic Film

Pale Writer

Taking Up Room

Thoughts All Sorts

A Shroud of Thoughts

Angelmans Place

Cinema Essentials

Cinematic Catharsis

And tune in soon for the next of these posts… and remember it could be you!!!



16 thoughts on “Bringing You Sunshine Awards, and You and You

  1. Wow, double duty on the questions with more to come. Impressive. Love your answers too, and I can’t blame you on the banoffie pie–those look so good! Thanks again for the nomination. I’m already working on your questions. Congrats to all the other nominations, too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great answers to our questions, Gill! Thanks for playing along. I would say Watership Down definitely counts. I wouldn’t even call it a kid’s cartoon. It traumatized me back in the day too.

    Your husband’s a lucky guy that your first thought went to him when planning your trip to the stars. I think I’d be on my wife’s list of things to bring but probably about sixth or seventh from the top. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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